My life in pictures: Now

I think I’m going to look back on 2014 as one of the most peaceful years I’ve had in quite some time. No drama, fighting, partying, hangovers, or negativity. My life has been full of beautiful things this year. I’m so grateful for it.

There are definitely recurring themes in my life this year: love, health, family, lake trips, zoo trips, fires, botanical gardens, dates with my significant other, long walks enjoying the spring and summer weather. In many ways this year is a stark contrast from the others I’ve had in my twenties. Last year I was in poor health; the years before that I drank a lot and stayed out every weekend, or felt trapped in toxic relationships. I made a conscious choice to focus on the better things that currently fill my days.

So many ducks were out on the lake that day.

A gorgeous and serene spot that my boyfriend and I love to visit. We’ve even discussed the possibility of getting married at the gardens one day!

Night time, and fireworks on the lake.

More spring & summer photos coming soon!

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