Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Serenity and I had a hard time choosing just one photo for this. It’s a word that could probably apply to hundreds of the photos I take, because photography is something that relaxes me. I’m about as amateur as they come; I would never claim to be a photographer, I just enjoy taking photos. I’ve probably said that before on my blog.

In the spring and summer months, I spend as much time as I can at the botanical gardens in my city. It’s a great way to disappear for a few hours and de-stress in a beautiful environment. Lately I’ve made it a point to take pictures of my favorite spots, and the photograph I’ve shared is the top of my list. It’s the Thai pavilion that was gifted to my university by the Thailand government. It’s absolutely stunning to see it in person. It’s way in the back, in a nice, quiet spot, and I always get excited when we get closer to it on the paths.

From the Olbrich Botanical Gardens website: “Olbrich was chosen as the site for the pavilion because of its garden setting and its proximity to water. Water is important to Thailand because of its implications for good health and prosperity.

The pavilion was built in Thailand, then disassembled and packed in shipping crates. The pavilion traveled seven weeks by sea, then by rail to Chicago, and to Madison by truck. Nine Thai artisans traveled to Madison to reassemble the pavilion after building it in Thailand. It took three weeks to reconstruct.”

I’ve come to this spot many, many times whether I was happy or sad, experiencing stress or trauma, or celebrating something great that happened. It’s my favorite place in the city.

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