The New Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland

Sometimes change is good, but I think most people are naturally resistant to change anyway. All of the drama (and some hype) surrounding the Yankee Candle label redesign has made me a little more aware of how appreciative I am of simply the look of the products with which I fill my living space. Let’s face it – a bottle of lotion decorated with graphic art that resembles something I would love to own as a print and hang on my wall, is better than a clear bottle with 2 plain-text black words on it. (Or is it? We all have our own taste…)


The new packaging for the Bath & Body Works fragrance Secret Wonderland wouldn’t receive any negative criticism from me if these were brand new items. However, the former look of this scent was nearly half of its appeal for me, so this is a resistant-to-change moment for me. I found the name and the style of Secret Wonderland beautiful, whimsical, and alluring; more importantly, it lived up to its name, and it was something I was more than willing to display on my dresser. I loved it.

I don’t hate the new packaging. With the name “Secret Wonderland” stripped from the designs, it’s perfectly fine (the font is a little lackluster, but it’s not the end of the world). I love flowers, I love the colors used in the new repackaged products. I just think it’s a downgrade from the original style. A single blue flower doesn’t convey to me the essence of a secret wonderland. It doesn’t really convey anything to me at all except that it’s an ordinary floral scent.

Oh well, it is what it is. There are much more important things to worry about, right? I have always paired Secret Wonderland and another Bath & Body Works fragrance, Be Enchanted, together in my mind. Could Be Enchanted be the next scent to go under the knife for a make-over?

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