Bath & Body Works: Beach Nights


I have been so into sweet vanilla scents, and so not into the typical fruity, beachy summer body care that comes out in the warmer months. So when I heard about Beach Nights: Summer Marshmallow, I knew I had to try it out ASAP. I’ve been waiting for fall to arrive simply to get my hands on some scents in candle and body care form that are more to my liking. I’m a fan of cooler weather and strong, spicy scents, but I’m also a sucker for anything like vanilla cupcakes, cookies, and s’mores. Beach Nights was the clear answer to what I’ve been missing from Bath & Body Works all spring and summer, so I went out and bought some of it as soon as I could. I’ve used it enough times to determine that I enjoy the scent, and I’m happy to own it, but I’m not sure it’s one that I would repurchase.

I wish I could say that this scent is Marshmallow Fireside in a lotion and fine fragrance mist, but it isn’t. However, I’m sure that’s expected, since it is packaged as a summer scent instead of a new fall scent. What’s missing from it is, obviously, the smoky, woodsy, firey notes in the candle. In its place I can definitely pick up on the beachy, aquatic notes (sea salt breeze) and the slightest hint of a floral background (orchid). Still, vanilla and marshmallow stand out in the fragrance and the other notes (driftwood, musk) mix in perfectly. My initial thought when I smelled the body cream was that it was like Bath & Body Works’ Suntan had a bunch of vanilla dumped into it, but then I got the musk and the s’mores notes in the fragrance mist, and it all blended together (and faded pretty quickly). It really is an interesting and unique scent, though. I don’t think that this scent is strictly for lovers of sweet scents or foodie scents, or “immature” scents, because Beach Nights is a lot more versatile than its name suggests. In a way, it has something to appeal to all fragrance types.

The one disappointing thing I’m getting from this scent is that it just isn’t very strong or long-lasting. I smelled it in the store a few times to confirm that I like it and want it, but once I got it home I had to keep reapplying it for the rest of the night because I kept feeling like I just couldn’t smell it very well. I know that this is a complaint many have had about Bath & Body Works fragrances since the most recent bottle redesigns, but for me personally, I’ve always been able to capture the essence of a scent after a layer of lotion and spray, and it will last 3-4 hours before reapplication. Each time I spray the Beach Nights fine fragrance mist, the alcohol smell is a little overwhelming, and I think this is because, although their mists always smell a little alcohol-y when first sprayed, this one in particular just didn’t have much scent-strength to disguise it more. As Beach Nights nears dry-down on my skin I already begin to struggle with detecting this scent without sticking my nose in it.

I’m not going to judge these products too harshly because of the scent longevity. I appreciate that it is intended to be used during the summer, and that heavy fragrances don’t work too well in the heat, especially outdoors. I have plenty of scents that are quite strong after layering with body cream and fragrance mist, but this one seems to be light no matter how many applications I slap on in a day. This is the perfect summer scent for those occasions when you aren’t trying to impress someone with your fragrance, but you still want to smell great if they happen to come close. Since it’s so versatile, I think I will experiment with mixing Beach Nights with something stronger, like Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte from the fall collection.

Finally, I’m a sucker for packaging. Bath & Body Works in particular can get away with murder in my eyes because they get me on the adorable packaging every time. Beach Nights is no exception! I’m tempted to go back and purchase the shower gel I passed on, but I may have to exercise some self control because fall (at Bath & Body Works) is right around the corner!


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