A Dismal Fall Wax Haul


I shouldn’t complain about this mini-haul because I really do love the scents I picked up. However, thanks to the Facebook groups I am in, the YouTube reviews I’ve watched, and all of the blogs I’ve checked out, I had an idea of the lovely scents from Better Homes & Gardens and ScentSationals that I wanted to make *mine* when I ventured out to Walmart last Friday.

I’m sure plenty of people saw the meme stating that when the clock strikes midnight on September 1st, everything turns to pumpkin spice… That is really what it was like in my house this year. I was quick to switch out soaps, candles, coffees, and lotions. I made my first pumpkin spice latte of the season at 4 in the morning. I showered with my 2014 set of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin gel, layered with its body lotion and fine fragrance mist, and I washed up with my 2015 Pumpkin Cupcake foaming hand soap, all from Bath & Body Works. It’s only gotten worse since then, and I really don’t think I can handle another Pumpkin Spice Oreo.


What I couldn’t do this year was run out to my favorite stores and grab all of the new fall stuff, because I was too busy laid up on the couch recovering from the two sprained ankles and broken foot I gave myself in early August. Boo. How fitting that I ended the summer by falling… *groan*

Anyway, feeling strong enough to walk around the store (no, I did not use a motorized chair, but my sister-in-law did, because she broke her foot a week after I did… yes, it’s ridiculous) I’d hoped to get everything on my list and not have to make it back out any time soon. It’s safe to say that this particular Walmart isn’t as fall-obsessed as I am, because quite a few things that I wanted to try out were not on the shelves.

ScentSational’s Illusion is a really sexy, manly cologne scent – one of those scents that is difficult to describe beyond those words, just masculine and cologne-y. 719 Walnut Avenue’s Walk in the Woods candle is a nice dupe of Bath & Body Works’ Leaves, which I can only describe as apple trees and spice. I was pleased to see this, because I couldn’t find one at Walmart last year.

The other two pumpkin wax melts from ScentSationals were sort of an error on my part. I’d started to ache from standing and staring at the wax, but I didn’t want to leave without anything, so those were the two I landed on – Pumpkin S’mores and Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream. What I failed to notice until I got home was that Pumpkin S’mores is a duo of one-half Pumpkin Spice, and the other half Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream. Oh well, I guess it proves I really did like P.M.C., and it was certainly on my list of scents to check out. Now I just have some extra.

I’ll be honest with myself: I have enough leftover wax melts and candles from last year to keep me happy through fall, but since I’m able to order online from my other favorite companies, I’ll have plenty of other new fall goodies too. Happy September!

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