Bath & Body Works: Toasted Graham Latte


Toasted Graham Latte is a 14.5 ounce, 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works that retails for $22.50, but can often be purchased during a sale and with a coupon. I paid around $10 for mine and bought it during a $12.50 3-wick candle sale, using a 20% off coupon code that is typically always available.

I was drawn to this candle by its name alone. It sounded like a perfect transitional scent, from summer home fragrances into fall scents. I’m a sucker for any marshmallow related scent, and this candle just made me think of s’mores. I had to have it, but I admit I was put off by its smell the first time I sniffed it at Bath & Body Works in July. As many have noticed, it can have an off-putting odor at first, but that smell is not present at all while the wax is melting. It’s a delicious scented candle – not sickeningly sweet, but definitely a good one for foodie fans out there.

About 10 minutes after lighting this candle, I was suddenly hit in the face (okay… lightly tapped) with the smell of a freshly fire-roasted s’more. Actually, it really reminded me of when a s’mores-flavored Poptart just finishes heating up in a toaster. The graham cracker note is very dominant, followed by the vanilla. What I don’t seem to be getting is any espresso or latte note, or the toffee that was mentioned on the website when I ordered this candle and read its description.

I think I will refer to Toasted Graham Latte as my “s’mores candle.” It is nothing like Marshmallow Fireside, but it’s possible that burning the two candles together could evoke memories of sitting around a campfire while toasting marshmallows for s’mores. I think I will try out this combination after the holidays, when I am missing the warmer weather and am unable to spend time outdoors.

This isn’t an incredibly strong candle, but it does fill the small room I burn my candles in most of the time, and leaks out a bit into the hallway. It was perfect for waking up Sunday morning and burning it while drinking my coffee, as it was a pleasant background scent that didn’t kick me out of the room with its strength, but didn’t bother me by not being noticeable either. It actually helped motivate me to make something tasty for breakfast, so that’s a bonus. I would repurchase Toasted Graham Latte if it came out again, and I would burn it any time of year, not just during the fall months.

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