Fall Fun Series: Favorite Fall Item

I’m jumping in a little late here, but am excited to participate in the Fall Fun Series; a series of fall-related posts on Mondays and Fridays, until after Thanksgiving, along with a group of other bloggers that I look forward to getting to know! I was searching for fall tags that I could post about on the first official day of fall when I came across the Fall Fun Series, and it seemed right up my alley.


There were a number of things that came to mind when I thought about my favorite fall item, but what really stood out to me were my solar dancing woodland creatures. These are placed on a window sill, or in any other bright, sunny area, and will “dance” while they are in the sun. They’re small and adorable, and are my favorite little way of bringing fall inside with me.


My sister-in-law and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner two years ago and some family friends that joined us gifted us the solar dancing turkey. We’re an easily amused bunch, so whenever the turkey started flapping its wings, one of us was sure to point it out and we’d celebrate what little sunlight we receive here in the Midwest when it gets cold. Since then, I just don’t want to cook on Thanksgiving day without this little guy present.

I was able to find this particular turkey on Amazon for about $10, should any of you be interested in purchasing one of his cousins. You can purchase the solar dancing turkey here along with all kinds of other dancing, sunlight-activated critters.


A solar dancing owl recently moved into my window sill and has been flapping in the sun since September 1st. The turkey will join him after Halloween.


To celebrate the first official day of fall this Thursday, I decided to give my Pumpkin French Toast candle from Bath & Body Works a shot. Holy cow, is this one strong. This is as far as the wax had pooled out before the entire bedroom and hallway were scented:


It is late into the evening the following day and I am still catching whiffs of maple syrup. It smells like all I’ve cooked for myself in the last 24 hours is french toast! I LOVE strong fall scented candles, but since this one packs such a punch of breakfast-y goodness, I may have to be selective about when I decide to burn this 3-wick candle (and around whom).


3 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Favorite Fall Item

  1. Ahh, those dancing solar creatures, we have some at work in the library and they drive me crazy trying to find enough artificial light to get them moving. The turkey and owl are pretty good though☺


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