Fall Fun Series: Fall Leaves


One of the first things I’m sure to do as September ends and October begins, is to check the fall color report and stay updated on when the changing leaf colors are nearing their peak in my area. I try to save fall activities for during the weeks when the color report suggests it would be the most beautiful outside. This year, it’s happening over the next two weeks, and I have activities planned in different areas of the state. I am sure that I will see many gorgeous and colorful sights. I’m so glad that I have the time to enjoy autumn this year, as the stress of college tends to distract me from the “little” things in life like these.





I love to see all the wonderful colors of fall inside as well, even if the leaves are fake!





What makes fall leaves even more special during the season is capturing their essence in a scent through various home fragrances. They don’t only look breathtaking, but they smell pretty great too!



I was actually a little surprised when I pulled out all of my leaves-scented candles and wax melts. I figured that I would have a lot more, but it turns out, pumpkin is what dominates my fall home fragrances. This may be because, as I and many, many others believe, the Leaves candle by Bath & Body Works is incredibly hard to beat. However, I am always open to recommendations if anyone has any to share!


Finally, last year I ordered a bracelet and pair of earrings to wear on Thanksgiving that each had golden leaves on them. One of the earrings has since been damaged, but I look forward to wearing the bracelet again this year. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ll take any opportunity to live fall to the fullest while it lasts!


3 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Fall Leaves

  1. You have such stunning foliage in your area!! I wish I could witness that type of color display. Great handsoap and candles scents too. I did wish Walk in the Woods was a touch stronger but it went perfectly with my BBW Leaves. Your bracelet is very cute.

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