Fall Fun Series: Fall Event


I feel like I have a fall fun hangover; no intoxicants involved, except for maybe all of the coffees I’ve been drinking. Friday I had scary movie night / catch-up-on-fall-TV night with lots of munching on junk food and planning with others. The planning led to finalizing a trip to stay at a cabin on a lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin next week, which I’m so pumped about. I love going camping and I never got around to it this year, so I suppose this is the next best thing. I’m counting down the days.


On Saturday I spent some time on a farm with my niece, nephew, and their parents. We passed on the corn maze and the hayride this year, because what we were really aiming for was the pumpkin patch.


We did a little exploring, saw some animals, got our pumpkins, and then headed to dinner. The weather was absolutely perfect. Just how I like it!








The evening concluded with cake and gifts, as it was my sister-in-law’s birthday weekend. Birthdays are a big part of the fall season for me, since my own is in September, and several other close family members and friends have autumn birthdays.


It seems like every weekend during the fall season, there are plenty of events and activities going on, and gifts and cake are had by all up until Thanksgiving – which, of course, marks the beginning of the wonderful winter holiday season. September through the end of the year truly is a special time in my life.

Sundays, however, are typically for football. I manage my family’s Fantasy Football league this year and I’m losing! The winner will receive an ugly Christmas sweater wearing garden gnome as their award – so, I guess I don’t need to win that badly anyway.

4 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Fall Event

  1. Hey there! I didn’t know of another fall fun blogger until I saw your blog in Liz’s blog roll. Welcome! I’ve gone back and read through most of your posts and love it, especially the fall favorites tag and the leaves post. Awesome photos, too. Glad you’re having fun with it, it’s made fall more fun for me this year.


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