Fall Fun Series: Fall in Nature


My fall nature experience this year was heading several hours north where it’s cooler and a lot more colorful. According to the fall color report, the area was already past 100% peak color, but it looked perfect to me. Every place along the way was charming, rustic, and felt welcoming. These are all things that I crave from an autumn vacation! Returning to a busy, warm city with significantly less color felt sort of like culture shock, but also a bit like time travel. It’s as if, for a week, I hit fast-forward on fall, but within the next 2 weeks I’ll get to experience it all over again. The fall color report describes my area as only 30% peak color, and it definitely appears that way outside of my window right now. If it weren’t for bits of gold and yellow atop the trees, I’d call this summer. How strange to experience fall so differently in the same stretch of days. Anyhow…


Before I headed into the wilderness, one thing I needed to do was get my chocolate fix. I don’t know if it’s because my brain associates the cooler weather with Halloween candy and all of the treats I tend to bake, but I just didn’t feel right without lugging around baggies full of sweets.



The cabin itself really couldn’t have been more perfect. The lake wrapped around our living space, which was tucked neatly away at the end of a private block of other rentals. Whenever we got into the car to take a trip into town, we would see as many as three, sometimes four deer just casually hanging out on our neighbor’s property.




Outside is a private pier, fire pit, gazebo, and dining area, all sprinkled around the lot and facing a side of the lake, which was lined with a full array of red, green, and gold trees in every direction. There was really so much to do – if one is into these sort of things.

While out exploring we had margaritas and coconut shrimp on the lake, bought more candy and fudge, of course, and we even found a cute little scent shop with adorably decorated soaps and other fragranced goodies. We did plenty of eating out, which was an experience in itself because the portions were larger and prices lower than I’m used to down in the city. We didn’t do a whole lot of cooking aside from toast with jam and coffee, and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire. It was a vacation, after all!





I didn’t even need to leave home for a unique fall experience in nature, though. Turkeys have been visiting my neighborhood since September!


I saw them outside of my window while making coffee one morning. There were four of them and they came closer and closer before disappearing into the neighbor’s backyard. I’ve spotted one turkey here and there, but to see four of them at once was a little jarring in my sleepy state.

One thought on “Fall Fun Series: Fall in Nature

  1. So funny, 2 hours ago I saw 2 huge wild-turkeys right next to the McDonald restaurant in the city….fall colors are great.


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