Fall Fun Series: Halloween Decoration

My sister-in-law and I were ambitious this year (for both recovering from foot/ankle injuries) and got Halloween decorations up right on October 1st. Ever since having my little nieces and nephews around for the past few years, I have to be mindful of putting up things that are festive, but not terrifying. Thus, the bulk of my Halloween decor is tame. Pumpkins, witches, skulls, and other spooky creatures are placed all around the house in moderation. My least subtle display is probably the shelf in the corner of the kitchen that changes with each season.


Like I mentioned in my pumpkin post, this year I am making an effort to focus on what is new to my collection. When I went to Walmart to check out the Halloween decorations, though, I was a little disappointed.


I ordered some Ghoul Friend soaps from Bath & Body Works, one of which is already being used in my bathroom. The two adorable little pails are what I picked up from Walmart, and are now on the kitchen table filled with miniature Halloween candies for guests to snack on. The cat ears are part of my costume this year. As I mentioned in my Fall Favorites Tag post, I only do simple and obvious costumes now, and there’s really nothing more simple than being a cat!


Lights are a big part of my remaining decor. There are a couple of orange pumpkin light strands, fake candles, light-up skulls, pumpkin lamps, and more. They have been around for so long now that at this point I’ve gotten used to seeing them. I’m tempted to keep it all up through Thanksgiving…




My scent of the week has been Goose Creek’s medium jar Auburn Lake. I guess I’ve had pretty good luck with most of my fall scents this year, because Auburn Lake is strong, unique, smells lovely, and all of the other positive things I say about products I like. I really haven’t had a dud candle or wax melt yet this fall – knock on wood. This one strays from heavy autumn spices and has hints bergamot with a very light patchouli note. I would burn this any time of year.


4 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Halloween Decoration

  1. Cute Halloween displays! I love the spider lights. Very cool. Autumn Lake sounds like a candle right up my alley. I love spice and patchouli. Such a soothing and yet festive combination. The Ghoul Friend sugar skull soaps look amazing. I picked up several soaps from the recent 6 for $18 sale plus I had a coupon. But I didn’t see any of the Ghoul Friend. Ah well!

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  2. Lights are a major part of my Halloween decor too. I keep a couple plain orange ones up September through November, I figure it works:) But I do love all of the multi-colored ones you have going, extra special this time of year.
    I’ve heard the Auburn Lake candle is rather masculine, which I like, but another reviewer described it as a generic cologne. I’m tempted to try it bc Yankee’s Mountain Lake was such a disappointment.


    1. I got that cologne vibe from the candle too, but I’ve got so many cologney scents that I guess this one stood out to me as something more. I know some people aren’t into that though, so I wouldn’t recommend A.L. to them! Unfortunately, I find a lot of Yankees to be disappointing lately. :\


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