Fall Fun Series: Halloween Movie Review

I get into every part of fall, and Halloween is no exception. I’ve nearly tripled my TV time because of this. My boyfriend and I have been making our way through every Halloween-themed episode of The Simpsons. American Horror Story is on its 7th episode of the season, and The Walking Dead just returned on Sunday. We’ve seen a few scary movies so far as well, and yet, our list of Halloween-y movies and shows is still pretty long. I’ll be doing this until November 1st.


I went to see Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children a couple of weeks ago with my sister-in-law during her birthday week. It was a Big Screen Bistro screening where dinner and drinks are served as the movie plays. I took advantage of this and ordered a Campfire cocktail, and before it even arrived I was sucked into the movie. The imagery during the intro credits was so haunting. The drink was delicious. I was off to a great start, and I really wasn’t let down at any point.

The film was directed by Tim Burton and is a perfect cross between a spooky Halloween movie, a movie for the family, and a movie intriguing enough for adults. It is based on a novel about, you guessed it, a home for peculiar children run by Miss Peregrine. These children each have unique talents that are revealed throughout the film and these abilities tend to come in handy, whether its in their day-to-day life or against any dangers that arise near the home. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is visually appealing, with elements of fantasy, romance, and a little mystery. It’s difficult to summarize the story without spoiling the little things that make this film so special, but it follows a boy named Jacob as his grandfather tells him stories about Miss Peregrine’s home, and his surprise as he learns that the stories weren’t only fiction.

The film left me wanting more, in the sense that I wanted to see all of the photographs that inspired the author of the book, Ransom Riggs, to create this story. If you’ve got some time, look into the original novel and the vintage photographs that led to the Tim Burton film. I think Googling these afterward entertained me almost as much as seeing the movie. Regardless of the origin or authenticity of the photographs, they are pretty dang creepy.


Tonight we’ve got some more shows and movies planned. We’re going all out with popcorn, a new season of Black Mirror on Netflix, a new Rob Zombie film, and more Treehouse of Horror episodes. Today also marks the beginning of the 2016-2017 NBA season, so we’ll be watching our fantasy basketball teams all night as well. With all of this time spent together, I figured I’d ask him to choose what goes into the wax warmer. This was his choice:


I will certainly be back to spicy pumpkin scented wax in time for Halloween fun this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Halloween Movie Review

  1. I just finished this book and want to see the movie! I borrowed the book from a friend and was halfway through when she told me the author notes at the end that the photos are real vintage ones from various collections. WHAT. I thought they were photoshopped for the book to look creepy. Anyways, this is the perfect kind of book to be made into a Tim Burton film!

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  2. Aw, nice review! I also saw this film and took my nephew, who loved it. I was going to review it for fall fun but never got the time. I also had trouble separating my thoughts from the book, which I read a few years ago. The movie diverts from the book significantly but necessarily because the book’s ending wouldn’t have worked for a movie.
    I loved the eerie feel the photos provided, very haunting. Since seeing it, my teenaged nephew started reading the books and we’ve enjoyed discussing the characters, so it continues to be a good experience.
    I’m glad you had a good experience w/the film too, enjoy your halloween movie night!
    P.S. Nice choice on the melt, love it!

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  3. The book was sooo goood! I still need to read the other two in the series, just never got around to it. Glad to hear the movie was good! I will be holding out for it to come to the small screen. I hardly ever get to watch movies in the theater anymore. Though I do enjoy the movie/bistro places. They are so much fun!


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