Fall Fun Series: Halloween Activity

Every year there seems to be an unspoken tradition in my family to get together with family-friends, throw on costumes, and celebrate Halloween the weekend before the holiday. I’m sure this is not unique to my family. Sometimes we have party themes, such as last year’s Eras From The Past, but this year was a free-for-all. We had a jolly pirate, a corrupt surgeon, a woodland fairy, a voodoo king, and of course the classic Halloween icons: a few witches, skeletons, and cats, a couple of pumpkin children, and several vampy and ghoulish creatures. There were joke costumes as well, and everyone had a creative twist to their look. I’m glad we don’t do “Best Costume” awards because it would have been impossible to choose this round.


I contributed spooky cupcakes this year, as usual. I used spice cake which I turned orange-red, cream cheese frosting that became green slime, a drizzle of caramel sauce and peanut m&ms on top for an extra pop of color and weirdness. They fit in well with all of the seasonal fare that was offered. I’m not a skilled baker by any means, but the beauty of Halloween is that it’s not about being fancy, it’s all about creating a narrative. Hence: Oozecakes were served.


At one point I stepped outside to enjoy the fire for a bit, and suddenly what sounded like a pack of coyotes began howling near the hill across from the house. I’ve never heard this in *real life* before. I was fully dressed in costume, flames dancing in front of me while my tribe was lost in the music inside. Once the wild things came out to howl at the moon it was in that moment that I felt the most festive. To be honest, it was probably the moment I was the most spooked as well.


The scent of the night was a Moon Glow candle in the scent Sangria. It felt appropriate given the occasion. Tonight and tomorrow night, however, I will most likely burn and melt pumpkin fragrances. I have to keep reminding myself that pumpkin season will not last forever, even if my collection looks endless. It will be pine and peppermint season before I know it. #SeasonalBurnerProblems!


One thought on “Fall Fun Series: Halloween Activity

  1. Cute cupcakes! The bonfire looks cozy. I could fire gaze for hours. Sadly, the mosquito swarms always chase us away on bonfire nights this time of year.

    I am a seasonal melter/burner too. I think I do need to start looking for my Christmas scents soon.


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