Fall Fun Series: Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

I hope everyone has, or already had, a safe and fun Halloween. I already had my fun, for the most part, but the holiday is not over for me yet. I will be watching a few more scary movies with my boyfriend tonight once I get home from trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew. I’m incredibly lucky to have the day off, but my brother does not, so I will be helping out by joining in the festivities with his family while he works. I’m excited to see all of the little ones out in their costumes.


Since I had the morning free, I thought about a favorite past time of mine back when I first started college and was too broke to go out much. In between classes, exams, and time with friends or family, I would cater to my computer nerd side by playing the game The Sims 3, and my favorite part was the in-game fall season. I grabbed my old laptop, made a marshmallow pumpkin pie latte, tossed in a new wax melt, and started creating a character.

This character must be the epitome of fall, so she is called Autumn Day. I made her hair my favorite fall leaves color: deep red. I googled “fall makeup” and saw more shades of red, but I was bored with her look so I added a little green eyeliner for fun. She needed a festive sweater to wear, of course, and some fashionable fall boots.


I had a laugh when I saw this flannel dress under Formal Wear. I think it’s hideous, but hey, she represents fall and one cannot have fall without flannel these days.

Of all the premade towns in The Sims 3, Moonlight Falls sounded the most spooky and seasonally appropriate. Living in the town are premade characters, like an assortment of supernatural Sims including werewolves, fairies, vampires, and witches. One resident is Chauncey Grimm, a normal human whose storyline states he is a descendant of The Grimm Brothers. I found him to be a good fit for Autumn, so I chose him as her roommate, moved her in, and redecorated. How perfect that I discovered he had a black cat for a pet.


The first thing Autumn did in her new home was begin to study cookbooks. There are so many great fall recipes, after all.



Autumn’s first trip out exploring the town included snacking on an apple cider donut and stopping for a coffee. She wasn’t wasting any time getting into fall.


She also spent some time out in the yard gardening and doing chores like raking the leaves. There’s an option to play in the leaves, so of course I made her do it once she finished.


A fall festival was happening in town, so I sent Autumn and her roommate out to have fun. They bobbed for apples, visited a haunted house, and played arcade games. Autumn and Mr. Grimm also went pumpkin picking and carved a couple of them for outdoor decorations.


There are usually trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, but Autumn had to work at her new part-time grocery store job the night of the holiday, so we missed them. Once she was off of work, she hosted a costume party with co-workers and neighbors.


I thought about stopping the game here, but I figured I should start looking forward to Thanksgiving now. Autumn and Chauncey invited two couples over for turkey dinner, football, and pumpkin pie.


One morning Autumn woke up to snow falling outside, so our fall fun was over. I saved and exited the game, but who knows – maybe I’ll return to the game to switch her into the epitome of winter several weeks from now. I enjoyed playing the game again despite it being outdated now, as it’s still amusing and very festive.

I have to go get ready for trick-or-treating now. It’s a lot of fun saying that! Again, Happy Halloween to anyone that celebrates the holiday, especially the Fall Fun Series bloggers. I’m clearly having a lot of fun with these posts.

3 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Happy Halloween!

  1. AH! I used to live for the Sims and this was my fave version until a glitchy update wiped my characters back to default and I didn’t have the heart to start all over again. Thanks for bringing me back to those awesome gamer days, I actually just commented on the Sims to Sandra, from finger candy blog…how weird? Happy Halloween:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad it’s not just me that got such a kick out of this game! I almost didn’t bother loading it up because I remember how buggy it was in general. Luckily it let me play through a quick fall season. Hope you had a fun Halloween!


  2. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! The SIMS game looks fun! I totally want her sweater.

    Thank you for joining us in the Fall Fun Series! I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and love getting to know you guys. ❤


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