Fall Fun Series: Beverage & Colors


October ended with another lake trip, three more birthday parties, and multiple days of Halloween fun. After two fall months packed with activity, November is my calm before the holiday storm. I’m not skipping over Thanksgiving, but that has never been a very complicated holiday for me. Each year it never fails that I have more than one Thanksgiving dinner to attend, and traveling anywhere from one to four hours is usually part of that. I don’t mind it at all, though. I could argue that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It makes me so happy to get together, cook with my family and friends, and spend the day vegging out together either watching football or playing card games. Everyone has “their element” and apparently, this is mine. Up until that week, though, the only thing on my agenda is paying attention to the election and hoping that there is peace in the U.S. once it is all over. Life must go on…


It’s interesting observing my own patterns and the way I act according to the season or how I categorize things according to the time of year. For example, since it’s November and I know Christmas will be taking over my life soon, I feel pressured to “finish up” with my pumpkin spice body care, home fragrance, and snacks. I’ve had my fill of pumpkin spice lattes, there is no doubt about that, so lately I’ve been making caramel mocha lattes instead. An ex-boyfriend gifted me a latte machine for Christmas several years back, so I get to have the whole cafe experience: frothed milk, coffee infused with syrups and creams, and single or double serving sizes to prevent me from going too crazy and drinking a whole pot. My current boyfriend, on the other hand, does not share in my “everything according to the season” philosophy and will eat, drink, use, and smell like anything at any time of the year as desired. I’m fairly certain he cannot relate to my need to rotate scents, flavors, and colors simply because it is November now. I don’t blame him.


I’ve removed my Halloween decor, of course, but also switched some other things around. I’ve pulled out sweaters, scarves, and mittens to keep warm, and the contents of my beauty bag have darkened in their shade range. Nothing screams “I love fall!” quite like coordinated lip, nail, and accessory colors. Obviously, scents are included in this November transition of mine. I am a Bath & Body Works junkie first and foremost, so I set aside two 3-wick candles just for the beginning of November: fall 2015 Sweater Weather, and a new release from this fall, Caramel Woods. I have not mentally prepared myself enough to go through my collection and decide which fall scents I want to use before it becomes winter’s turn, but I do know there is a Pumpkin Pie large jar saved for Thanksgiving week.



6 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Beverage & Colors

  1. I am right there with you! I am seasonal down to the bone. Caramel Woods you say?? Will you pretty please review that. It sounds like a candle I would love to pieces. Your scarf, polishes and lippies look November ready. I do have a few more pumpkin spice goodies to use and enjoy but once Thanksgiving is over I have peppermint mocha and cocoa coffee creamer in the fridge and waiting >_< Have a wonderful week!

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  2. Agreed on the Sweater Weather and seasonal everything. It’s just not in my nature to go against nature.
    My hubs and I have an inside joke for this week whereas, any plans after Tuesday are followed by the phrase, “that’s if the world doesn’t end!”

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  3. Ha, I’ve been doing the “GOTTA FINISH IT UP!” thing, too – what’s up with that? It’s not like we can’t just put some of this stuff away until next year, right? Except…I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but I really love that feeling of having crossed something off my list, whether that list is stuff to melt or eat or whatever. Plus it’s nice to get new stuff next year, right? 🙂

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