Fall Fun Series: Body Care


It wouldn’t be a true fall season if I didn’t spend a week of it under the weather, and I suppose that time has come. On the bright side, I’m glad it’s happened while I don’t have quite so many fun fall plans, and I’m certainly happy not to be ill over the Thanksgiving holiday. Drinking lots of tea and spending extra time in bed hasn’t been the worst.

Surprisingly, my favorite fall body care isn’t one of my perfumes, a cute soap, or a bath bomb; it’s my body creams and/or butters. Specifically, it’s the Bath & Body Works body creams that I gravitate towards the most. Each year they release several new fall scents, and the packaging looks so nice that I like to keep them on display – thus, they are always handy, and I’m always using one.

At this point in the fall season, pumpkin scents take a back seat and I tend to grab my other fall scents more often. Where I live it’s already cool and dry, so a thick, heavy cream becomes a necessity for me.

Some of the Bath & Body Works fall body creams I have not yet mentioned on my blog include:

Wrapped in Comfort – Cashmere & Almond Creme
Cup of Warmth – Vanilla Chai & Biscotti
Cozy Sunday Morning – Soft Chamomile & Bergamot
Perfect Autumn Day – Maple Toffee, Amber Woods, & Autumn Air

5 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Body Care

  1. I really like those creams, too – the bottles (tubes, I guess) are so pretty. The holiday line is also very cute this year (may have gone and splashed out a bit yesterday – I just got so dazzled by all the bright colours and the insane Christmas music and the smells, I think I went a bit bonkers. 🙂


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