Fall Fun Series: Fall Candles


Today is the perfect day to do a fall candle post, because unfortunately, I’ll be stashing them away in my closet tonight. Yes, it’s a sad day in my fall-loving world. I’m only going to be home on Monday and Tuesday this week since I will be out of town for a few days celebrating Thanksgiving with family. I’m one of those people that likes to decorate the Christmas tree ASAP after Thanksgiving dinner, so by the time I return home, I will officially be in Christmas mode. It’s only appropriate, then, that my main candle/wax shelf be ready for me with all of my favorite winter fragrances.

Five large jar candles and fifteen 3-wick tumblers were evicted from my shelf and are preparing to hibernate in a cool, dark place for the time being. I think the only ones that I didn’t talk about on my blog were:

Bath & Body WorksFlannel: I can’t not have this candle on hand, even though this year I didn’t burn it. It is what I consider the fall version of B&BW’s Black Tie which I also love. It’s a masculine, cologne-y type of scent (I’ve never been too great at describing those), but since I purchased a Better Homes & Gardens wax melt dupe, I didn’t really miss it in candle form. I’ll save it for next year.

Goose CreekCherry Cobbler: I purchased the candle this spring along with four other fruity/dessert combos. When I lit the candle, I picked up on a spicy bakery note and noticed cinnamon, brown sugar, and buttery cake among the cherry, orange, and lemon notes listed on the website. I had to blow it out and put it away for fall, as it just didn’t feel right for spring. I lit this one a few times in September, but it couldn’t survive Pumpkin Mania and was eventually trapped in the back of the shelf. Perhaps it’s a good late winter candle?

Goose CreekFrench Autumn, and Autumn Romance: These are the backups of two jars that I bought last fall, and despite having Autumn in their names, neither one strikes me as an exclusively fall scent. I decided to save them for another time, but it was still nice to see their colors instead of a sea of orange wax this season. Autumn Romance is a strong one with amber, sandalwood, and musk, while French Autumn is a bit sweet, combining notes of plum, fig, orchid, and again, more sandalwood. It makes me think of a strong, musky perfume mixed with red wine.




At the moment, I’m burning Goose Creek Creamy Pumpkin Pie, and Mainstays Pumpkin Spice. I’m also starting to decorate what I refer to as my Autumn/Thanksgiving tree. It’s a two foot tall red Christmas tree which I cover with gold and brown ornaments and clear/white lights. It’s just one out of the six mini trees I have to sprinkle some holiday cheer all over my living areas. I can’t believe I’m already getting ready for Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Fall Candles

  1. Flannel!!-would you believe that this is the first year I’ve tried it in candle form? It won’t be the last, I swooned. I wonder if I’d like Autumn Romance, I’m a Sandalwood vanilla/amber freak. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels:)


  2. Flannel. I knew there was a candle I was missing out on. I love those types of masculine scents too. All woods and outdoors and cedar. Yum. Like you I rotate out my candles by season. I only have one or two Christmas type scents in candles right now though. I may fix that during the $8 candle sale you reminded me about. Enjoy all your travels and meals this weekend! And have fun decorating your trees.

    P.S. I have been on a huge pot pie kick at work for lunch. I forgot how yummy they were. Loving Blake’s pot pies.


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