Fall Fun Series: Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow, this year has flown by! I gotta say, I’m ready for a holiday like Thanksgiving. I’m spending this evening half lounging, half gathering my things so I am ready to go in the morning. Each year is a little different when it comes to Thanksgiving in my family. One thing I have gotten used to is having multiple Thanksgiving dinners, and this year, that tradition lives on. All that varies each year is who is hosting, what each person is bringing, which days we are getting together, and so on. I’m not hosting this year, and I’m not even cooking much – I’ve been assigned to cocktails and games for the first round.

Wednesday through Friday I will be celebrating out of town with my father’s side of the family at my aunt and uncle’s house, and then Saturday and Sunday will be my second Thanksgiving with one of my brothers and his family. They have very young children that aren’t happy to travel, so my parents and I are spending extra time with them to make their lives easier and allow them a proper turkey day experience. For this particular meal, I believe my mom and I are just going to tag team all of the sides once we get there. I suppose I could end up doing a lot more cooking than I anticipate, so I’ve packed an apron.


I have some personal traditions as well, but I’m sure they aren’t unique to myself. Of course, I like to start decorating my Christmas trees either the night of, or the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a little difficult to fit that into my schedule this year, so tonight I’m just taking out my trees, ornaments, and lights to be ready whenever I get around to it on Friday. I have five mini trees, two medium trees, and one regular sized tree – all fake ones. My 5 and 8-year-old nieces like to come over and help me decorate the colorful mini trees, but I’m on my own with the bigger three.


For now, I am just on the couch watching the Netflix series The Crown about Queen Elizabeth II. I made some hot chocolate and put in a Goose Creek wax melt in the scent Holiday Rum Cake. The boyfriend is at a work meeting, but my cats are being cuddly and adorable as usual. I didn’t even need to cook today, aside from tossing a Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie into the oven. There is nothing at all exciting about this day and I suppose that is why I am so content – and so ready for five days of celebrating! I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful time doing whatever it is you plan on doing.

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