Fall Fun Series Finale!

Now that my long Thanksgiving weekend is over, it’s time to put this fall season behind me. It seems like just yesterday when summer was wrapping up and I was looking forward to weeks full of fall fun. I’ve had such a great time this autumn, from pumpkin picking at the farm, to a cabin trip in the Northwoods, plenty of festive Halloween and Thanksgiving events, and way more birthday gift shopping, celebrating, eating, and baking than I do during the entire rest of the year. I got to take part in every fall event that my heart desired and now it is time to move onto the winter festivities.


Posting for this series each week helped me to be more mindful of my favorite time of year, even if some days it was just for the simple fact that the trees looked awesome and there were pumpkins everywhere! I’ve never been a very consistent blogger, in fact in the past I’ve abandoned my blog for several months at a time. There was a lot about this series that worked perfectly for me: talking about my favorite things, during my favorite time of the year, and doing it regularly on my blog – not to mention, checking in on some other wonderful bloggers to get their perspectives as well. I could have kept going and going if only the fall season were longer.

And then there are the scents. My spare bedroom full of Bath & Body Works boxes, bags, out-of-season products, and the three Facebook groups I’ve joined with “Bath & Body Works” somewhere in the title, is proof that I need to branch out and try new things. I need to spice up my scent world, and I realized it was time to look beyond my Bath & Body Works happy place this season. Reading everyone else’s blog posts was eye-opening in that respect – so much wax. So much festive wax. And plenty of reviews and opinions that I’ve grown to trust over these past few weeks and will use as a guide this winter. Bloggers beware: I’ll be returning to your Fall Fun Series posts just for reminders!

Of course, I plan to hit the B&BW candle sale next month (rumored to be Dec. 3rd?), and I already placed candle and wax melt orders for Black Friday, but my take-away from this series is to explore other scent-related companies and wax vendors more often this next season. There is a sugar cookie wax melt somewhere out there just waiting for me to discover it and fall in love with it, I am sure of that now. No more missing out on the goodies!

To wrap up all of my fall experiences, I will share a top 10 for things I plan to do differently next year:

10. As stated above, try new scented products from different companies.
9. Take a longer vacation at the cabin on the lake.
8. Bake MORE. I made a few birthday cakes and cupcakes, but none of the pumpkin recipes I saved on Pinterest…
7. Make time to craft with my nieces and nephew. Or even just craft by myself.
6. Actually carve a pumpkin, don’t just decorate with them.
5. Find the elusive Cider House Donuts wax melt from ScentSationals.
4. Don’t skip the corn maze at the farm!
3. Drink the Pumpkin Spice Lattes with fewer calories in them. 😐
2. Visit another state and experience someone else’s fall for a weekend.
1. Go all out with home decor. Salt shakers, curtains, rugs, picture frames, cutesy knick-knacks, and anything else. Maybe I won’t miss the fall season so much when its over, if I spend the whole time over-saturated by all things autumnal.


I was planning on doing Blogmas this year, which is a winter holiday-oriented blog post every day in the month of December leading up to Christmas day. I do enjoy the spirit and atmosphere of the holiday season, as much as I don’t care for the bitter cold or the miserable mornings shoveling my way out of two feet of snow. I’ll be doing a lot of cookie baking next month, plenty of decorating, binging on Christmas movies and music, and whatever else I can get into while I have time away from school and work. If you’re into that sort of thing, stay tuned for more festive holiday posts starting December 1st. Until then, I’ll just continue transitioning myself and my living space from fall to winter.

4 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series Finale!

  1. Great take-aways from the series. I felt the same way by limiting myself to Yankee and B&BW. No more missing out! is a good battle cry:) I enjoyed reading your posts and ogling your gorgeous fall photo settings. Good luck on your Blogmas, sounds uber-festive.

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  2. You sound like me again – this series really gave me a kick in the pants to get out and enjoy the Fall in a way I haven’t in quite some time. It’s a bit like dieting after telling the world that you’re going on a diet – you don’t want to let people down, and maybe being accountable to everyone you told will keep you going? It’s been tons of fun checking out your posts – I hope we all remain in touch, keep dropping by each other’s little corners of the intersky. 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for joining us!!! I had a blast getting to know you and reading your blog ❤ If you would please send me your address I would love to send you a little thank you in the mail. Your list for next year is inspiring. I definitely will be heading out of state to catch some fall colors in real life next year. Everyone's beautiful posts of fall leaves thrilled me to no end. I just need to buck up and make the 9 hour drive to see it. Life is short right? Make the road trip. And hey. Don't fret those calories in the lattes… LOL!

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