Blogmas 2016 Day 1: Shopping & Decorating

Happy first day of December! I don’t know about anyone else, but over the past 48 hours or so, I’ve been pretty excited about the beginning of December. It’s not just the posting each day that excites me, but reading other blogs and even watching Vlogmas uploads on Youtube as well. I have a feeling this will be my most festive December yet. I woke up way too early this morning, at around 2:30 AM… so, I guess I’ve gotten a really early start to the final month of 2016.

With all of the the time that I spend on my electronic devices, it made sense to switch out my phone, laptop, and tablet wallpapers for something that fits better for the holidays. I had a difficult time choosing because there is so much adorable graphic art out there on Pinterest. There isn’t any snow outside yet, and I haven’t even finished decorating, but just seeing all of my Christmas wallpapers whenever I grab my phone, tablet, or sit down at my laptop now has put me in a pretty jolly mood already. I found some of the cutest art at Felicity French, so check out the link if you need some ideas for your own backgrounds. If you’re not feeling the holiday spirit yet, though, consider a wallpaper switch. It’s really working for me so far.

Before I head out for the day, I do need to open my advent calendar! My mother surprised all of her kids and grandchildren with advent calendars on Thanksgiving, which was awesome, to be completely honest. We always had these when I was growing up and I remember how cool it was to fish out a chocolate to go with my morning cereal. Now I get to have chocolate with my morning coffee.


My plans for later this evening involve shopping for a birthday party my family and I are having this Saturday. I’m picking up a bottle of perfume for a present, and I’ll also need a box of yellow cake, chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and candles for the birthday cake. I’m not the best gift wrapper, and since I know I have a lot of that ahead of me this month, I’m going to go easy on myself, skip the wrapping paper, and just buy a cute birthday gift bag. The gathering is actually for two people’s birthdays, and I have no idea what to get the second person, so I’m sure a good chunk of the evening will be spent on just browsing the aisles of whichever shops I end up in. Of course, this means I may end up Christmas gift shopping, too – or just buying more decor, or treats, and who knows what!

Once I’m home tonight, I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to get out of the way before the weekend. It’s not a very interesting day, but so much of this time of year is about running around and getting stuff done. I guess I’m hitting the ground running this month. The one fun part in my day is that I still have a couple of mini trees that need decorating, and some more (well, a lot of) decor to put up. I’m hearing some Christmas music in my future.


Body Care Scent of the Day: Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint
Home Fragrance Scent of the Day: Kringle Candle Peppermint Cocoa

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 Day 1: Shopping & Decorating

  1. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Mmm Christmas! Love it. I just love the atmosphere this time of year even if it can be a little hectic. There is just so much more joy. Shopping is totally my favorite so bring it on. I will probably hit up the Dollar Tree tonight and see what goodies they have.

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