Blogmas 2016 Day 5: Goose Creek Goodies

I placed one online order for Black Friday on the night of Thanksgiving this year and it was for Goose Creek Candle. I can’t say enough positive things about Goose Creek. The staff are wonderful people that are happy to chat with us candle fanatics in their Facebook group every week. Their customer service is excellent, and they have very fair prices and great sales throughout the year. Most importantly, their products perform well. I get a nice, clean burn with each candle so far, and there are plenty of unique scents that stand out in my collection. They are powerful scents that throw throughout my home. This is not a sponsored post! These are just my honest thoughts, and the reasons why I was happy to spend a minute away on Thanksgiving to purchase a couple of new holiday scents to try out.


I was most curious about Christmas Cakes, so I went ahead and ordered it in a large jar despite never sniffing it before. I haven’t lit the candle, so I can’t review it quite yet, but I love the smell of it so far. I get a really yummy bakery, vanilla scent with a bit of brown sugar.


I ordered two wax melts: Christmas Cookies and Peppermint Snowflake. I’ve had my eyes on these two wax melts for over a year now, so I figured it was time to get ’em and beef up my winter holiday collection.

Another new scent I was intrigued by was Italian Winter. I ordered this in a 1.5 ounce firefly (mini-candle) and I am saving it for Christmas dinner, as it will fit in nicely with the large Italian feast that will be served. This is by no means a foodie scent; it is fresh and herbal in a way I have never smelled in a home fragrance before. The scent notes listed online include merlot, ivy leaves, and warm amber.


I also received a free gift for my Black Friday purchase and it was a 1.5 ounce concentrated room spray in the scent Confetti Cake. I was very happy about this gift, because I ordered the scent in wax melt form earlier this year and loved it. It reminds me of the cereal Fruity Pebbles.

As I was putting my scents away (I am saving them to burn on Saint Nicholas Day tomorrow!) it dawned on me that I was so distracted all weekend, I’ve forgotten about my advent calendar! I had 3 days of chocolates to catch up on.


Now the rest of my evening/night will be spent on health & fitness. I’m trying to make more of an effort to be healthy and fit again after getting into a slump over this past summer and fall. I have an hour of cardio planned followed by some light weight lifting. I’ll be fueled by a chicken-topped garden salad.


Body Care Scent of the Day: Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar
Home Fragrance Scent of the Day: Bath & Body Works Vanilla Snowflake

4 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 Day 5: Goose Creek Goodies

  1. How cool that Goose creek’ s owners chat w/ Facebook fans. Italian Winter sounds perfect for my sister, do you know of any upcoming sales?
    BTW, throw in an extra session of lifting for me! Ah well, I did have a grilled chicken salad for dinner too. But I didn’t have to add those leftover roasted potatoes…

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