Blogmas 2016 Day 10: Gift Ideas for College Students


On the 10th day of Blogmas, Angela gave to me…

Gift ideas for college students.

It’s not the most exciting gift giving experience. On Christmas, it’s always fun to give special things to loved ones, just to make them smile. In some cases, it’s best to buy necessities and make them smile because you’ve helped them. College students often struggle with the cost of textbooks, electronics, school supplies, living expenses, and more, while having little time or opportunity to keep up through their own income.

Some of my most memorable gifts came from the relief of a relative knocking a few necessary items off of my shopping list. Here are some gift ideas for a college student – the majority of which I once received and really appreciated returning to school with after the holidays.


Stocking Stuffers:
-Coffee mugs
-Coffee thermos
-Water bottle
-Items to help with relaxation such as tea, face masks, bath bombs
-Items for basic needs such as hand cream, mints, chapstick, tissue
-Aromatherapy body care

Office Supplies:
-Good pens and pencils
-Sharpies and highlighters
-Stapler and staples
-Hole puncher
-Desk organizer
-Laptop carrying case
-Decorative student planner
-Decorative binders
-Wall calendar
-Wall clock

Pricier Items:
-Comfortable desk chair
-Graphing calculator
-Drawing tablet
-Small appliances such as a pizza oven, coffee pot, blender

Gift Cards:
-Grocery stores
-Coffee shops
-Office supply stores

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 Day 10: Gift Ideas for College Students

  1. Hey, here it is! Great looking post, and I love that you took a student lean to it – little luxuries sometimes fall by the wayside when you’re up to your butt in studies and dorm life. This is a good reminder that the stressed-out need tiny treats, too. 🙂

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