Blogmas 2016 Day 11: Snow Day #2


I was up bright and early at 5:45 AM this morning after getting tons of much needed sleep over the weekend. I had my coffee, snapped a few pictures of the fresh snow, and then started shoveling it away. It may be hard work dealing with all of the snow that falls, but I love the way that everything looks outside with an undisturbed blanket of white. It wasn’t all bad.


My first official Christmas gathering is over a late lunch with friends this Friday, and my first Christmas party is on Saturday night with some family. It’s getting real for me now. I haven’t even filled out Christmas cards yet, or begun any baking, but at least I’m pretty much set for gifts.


My first round of cookie baking and decorating starts tomorrow night so that I can get a box of treats mailed out on Tuesday. For the party this Saturday I want to bake cupcakes so as not to cause holiday cookie burnout for anyone (including myself). I have chocolate and vanilla cake mixes and frosting, and an adorable Christmas cupcake kit ready to go.


Body Care Scent of the Day: Victoria’s Secret Snow Mint
Home Fragrance Scent of the Day: Goose Creek Peppermint

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 Day 11: Snow Day #2

  1. Beautiful snow covered landscape! I love these photos. I hope you enjoyed your baking. I did some tonight myself. The girls and I made sugar cookies to decorate and some peanut butter toffee cookies to gift to the teachers this year. Have a good night!

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