Blogmas 2016 Day 12: Sephora Gifts for Myself!


I received in the mail a $15 off of $50 loyalty reward from Sephora (not a coupon – the code was sent to my e-mail address) so I decided to treat myself to makeup that I have been wanting since this summer. It sold out online and just about everywhere else and has been difficult to come by since then, but luckily the palette was in stock on the Sephora website recently. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette in gorgeous warm red and gold tones.



To bring my total up to $50 I added a nail polish set in colors that I thought would be appropriate for the holiday season.


I also added a code to receive a free gift which was a very pretty makeup bag (pictured above) filled with samples that I am eager to try out. Sephora really spoiled me this time.



I’ve had a busy day, but it isn’t over yet. I have some cardio and lifting to do and then it’s time to bake some cookies. I’ll be up early to get them decorated, and get some of them packaged to take to the post office. I still have Christmas cards to do, which I will probably take care of tomorrow as I don’t want to rush through them or wait until I’m beat. I also need to get holiday menus started, so a long trip to the grocery store may be in order.



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