Blogmas 2016 Day 13: Christmas Cards & German Cookies


The time has come to finally fill out & mail a few Christmas cards to my loved ones. I’m starting to receive some in the mail and I just love seeing them on display in my kitchen, even if it highlights my own procrastination. It’s one of the first signs every year that the holidays have officially arrived. All I need to add in the kitchen are the Christmas cookies I ended up being too tired to bake last night… oops.


Luckily I’m covered for cookies at the moment. Every year for Christmas my mother’s father would ship her a box of her favorite German cookies. She was born and raised in Germany and her family still lives there, so they are happy to supply her with the Christmas cookies that she misses every December. This is a tradition that has persisted from my birth up to today, and I was delighted that this year my mother chose to share some of those German Christmas cookies with me again. They come in the most beautiful tin box every year that is really a gift in itself.


She was sure to give me my favorites and I’ve been munching on them all morning. The other thing I received was something I wouldn’t have ever expected to get for Christmas again – a Barbie. As a female working and studying in STEM fields, I was pretty thrilled to hear earlier this year that there was a new career Barbie with a computer-related job very similar to mine; a Game Developer Barbie. It’s pretty cool to see my past and my future collide in this way. I collected Barbies about as hard as I collect Bath & Body Works products.


I don’t think I’ll ever take her out of the packaging, because the background is one of my favorite parts.


Body Care Scent of the Day: PINK Just Say Snow
Home Fragrance Scent of the Day: Kringle Candle Blue Spruce

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