Blogmas 2016 Day 17: Bath & Body Works and Celebrating

Just a quick post before I start getting ready: I finally got my new winter body care from Bath & Body Works! I’ve had my eyes on Gingerbread Latte for quite some time now. It was worth the wait. It is spicy, yummy, and quite adorable.


A few scents were released with a New Year’s Eve theme that I couldn’t resist. I got three fine fragrance mists out of this collection: Cocktail Dress, Pink Confetti, and Wrapped in Sugar. There was also a Champagne Toast set, but since I’m not a huge fan of the home fragrance in that scent, I didn’t think I’d enjoy the body care.


I needed some shower gels as well. Pink Chiffon (rumored to be ‘retiring’ after the semi-annual sale!) is my favorite spring scent, so I was thinking ahead when I added it to my order. Sugar Plum Swirl sounded like a perfect match to all of the Plum Cider Warmth lotion I picked up last fall, and I was happy to add another holiday-themed scent to my order.


I also received a wonderful surprise! My boyfriend knew that I wanted the Pink Chiffon perfume from Bath & Body Works. Since I was so excited about my Pink Chiffon shower gel, he let me open this Christmas gift early. What a guy.



Today is my first Christmas celebration with family members. There will be lots of eating, drinking, and being merry. I’ve lost track of all of the appetizers on the menu, and it sounds like there will be plenty of delicious cocktail options to keep us warm and jolly. Oh, and it’s still going to snow, of course. I already shoveled at 7 AM but I’m anticipating a second or third round. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend-before-Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 Day 17: Bath & Body Works and Celebrating

  1. Nice scent choices! The wrapped in sugar scent stuck out at me today when I went in for a few candles (got Caramel Woods by the way!) but I didn’t get chance to smell it. How sweet of your guy to gift you the perfume you wanted and give it to you ahead of time! ❤ Enjoy your family gathering. I hope you guys have a blast!

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