Blogmas 2016 Day 21: The Bronzeblogger’s Chrunkmas Tag

I’m late getting back home today, so my post for the day is actually one that I started a few days ago. I wanted to do “The Chrunkmas Tag” by The Bronzeblogger on Youtube as well as from this blog. As the rules state, one must be drinking a Christmas cocktail during the tag, and well… when I started this tag the first time, I was drinking a vodka gimlet. It’s not exactly a Christmas drink, but I’d had my fill of peppermint schnapps cocktails at that point.


When do you get into Christmas mode?
I start decorating for Christmas and burning/melting Christmas scents the day after (or a couple of days after if I’m busy) Thanksgiving.

What’s your typical Christmas day?
I never really know what December 25th will bring each year. I have a lot of early celebrations with my family and friends during December because of everyone’s mismatched schedules. My boyfriend and I stay up late on Christmas Eve and open all of our gifts together around midnight, and then I like to cook a big yummy breakfast on Christmas morning. It’s a twist on what I did as a child, which was to open one gift on Christmas Eve, open the rest in the morning, and then get ready and have brunch together.

What’s for Christmas dinner?
This is another thing that changes from year to year. Last year, we had authentic Mexican food that my sister-in-law cooked. As a kid and still sometimes as an adult, my mom will serve her favorite German recipes like spaetzle (homemade egg noodles) and sauerbraten (German pot roast). Other times, we’ll have ham or turkey with veggies, potatoes, and other sides. This year I’m the one cooking and I’m serving Italian dishes – lots of pasta, meats, seafood, and tons of red wine.

Favorite Christmas tradition?
This one is hard to answer, because my Christmas traditions have changed throughout my life. I’ve had traditions with my family as a child, with the kids I grew up with in my neighborhood as a teen, some with old friends, some with old partners, and so on. As for my life today, I enjoy staying up late on Christmas Eve with my boyfriend, drinking coffee and wine while listening to festive music and opening our gifts together. We haven’t been doing it for very long, but I do hope it continues.

Favorite Christmastime activity?
I love going out just about anywhere in December. It’s one thing to be surrounded by Christmas decor and music in my own home, but there’s something special about going to Starbucks, or Bath & Body Works, the drugstore, any restaurant, or just driving around and seeing and hearing all of the holiday cheer. Shopping isn’t always easy this time of year, but the sights and sounds and the general atmosphere is pretty great. All of the lights outside are nice too.

Fondest Christmas memory?
A fond memory of mine is receving Christmas cookies in the mail from both sets of my grandparents. It seemed like such a crazy concept to me as a child. I have never lived near any grandparents, as one set lives across the country (U.S.) and the others live in Germany. We would receive huge boxes every year full of homemade cookies from the west coast and tins of German cookies from Europe (like the ones I posted about recently this Blogmas).

Favorite Christmas tunes?
I posted some of my favorites already this Blogmas but the list included:
Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You
Christina Aguilera – Merry Christmas Baby
Ray Charles – Winter Wonderland
Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin – A Marshmallow World
Louis Armstrong – White Christmas
Il Volo – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

Favorite Christmas carol?
O Tannenbaum

Favorite Christmas movie?
I know this one may be an unusual pick, but my Christmas movie for the past 10 years has been Goodfellas. It was always on TV around the holidays so I’d always put it on. It became another one of my traditions.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
I also enjoyed watching A Charlie Brown Christmas as a child, and for a few years as an adult I had my own little tree like Charlie Brown’s. I lost this tree to an ex a couple of years ago, which is a bummer.

Favorite Christmas tv special?
It’s not exactly a TV special, but I love any Christmas episode from The Office.

Favorite Starbucks drink?
Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

Favorite Christmas dessert?
Sugar cookies that are soft and cakey with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.


Favorite BBW candle?
Merry Cookie


Favorite soap?
Merry Cookie


Real tree or fake tree?
Fake trees – I have six of them up right now and I will share pictures tomorrow or the next day!

Sugar cookie or gingerbread?
Sugar cookies (see above). I’m a cookie junkie in general and Christmas cookies are no exception.

Hot cocoa or peppermint mocha latte?
Peppermint Mocha Latte, but I’ll drink both during winter.

Eggnog or mulled wine?
Eggnog, but I’ve never had mulled wine. I’d like to try some.

What do you do on NY eve?
I used to party with friends every year, but lately I’m not a huge fan of going out the night of New Year’s Eve anymore. I’ll stay in with my boyfriend and/or family and we’ll eat snacks and drink cocktails and champagne late into the night. We blast music and laugh about whatever nonsense is on TV leading up to the ball drop. We usually have seafood, sushi, or steak for dinner.


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