Welcoming 2017

Happy New Year!


It was an excellent beginning of 2017 for me… until I got sick. Yes, two colds only a week apart. I suppose that’s what happens when you open your home to guests and decide to have a three day sleepover that includes children.

It’s hard to believe that NYE was already one week ago today. My New Year’s Eve started early with a friend to have coffee and then see Passengers starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence (it was good!). It was during this late morning outing that I decided to get mildly dolled up in a NYE outfit, jewelry, and makeup. I only went to a coffee shop, the movie theater, and the grocery store, but hey, it was a holiday! I had to be festive.

Night time was all about getting cozy in pajamas & slippers and ordering dinner with everyone, while playing games and eventually watching the ball drop on TV. The following two days involved a lot of take out, football, and New Year’s Eve party playlists spontaneously starting and stopping on the Echo.

Earlier this week I was finally winding down after all of the excitement (and cleaning) when I became super drained and fell asleep early, only to wake up at 4 AM with a nasty sore throat and stuffed nose. Ugh. So I guess I ended 2016 with a cold and started 2017 with a new one!

Did anyone catch the Game of Thrones marathon that aired on HBO from the day after Christmas until New Year’s Eve? I DID! Oh, how I love that show, and how I loved to end 2016 binging on it for several days. I also got to end the year with a brand new album released on Christmas day by favorite artists of mine in Run The Jewels. Now that was ending on a high.


Some of my beauty and scent choices for New Year’s Eve included:


-Bath & Body Works Cocktail Dress fine fragrance mist
-Bath & Body Works Black Tie 3-wick candle and room spray
-Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette
-NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Angel Food Cake
-CoverGirl silver nail polish (no name on the bottle…?) with Hollister white glitter polish (Sparks Fly)
-A few Christmas gifts, including a necklace, a gray and black chevron scarf, and comfy silver slippers!



So I’m late with this post because I’ve been sick all week, but here’s a toast to good health and happiness for all. Cheers to 2017 and to you.

(My New Year resolution was to have my healthiest year in terms of diet and fitness goals. So far I’ve only been ill, have barely eaten, and have laid around in bed or on the couch. Errr… can I have a do-over?! 😛 )


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