Glade: Blooming Peony & Cherry


I’m the type of person that needs a scent for each holiday. I fell in love with Glade’s Blooming Peony & Cherry on the very first sniff, so it’s a fitting choice for Valentine’s Day. My mother sprayed it after purchasing it at the store and I just happened to be there to experience it. “What is this scent?!” I needed to know right away. I was thrilled to see it in wax melt form at Walmart a few months later, although she’d already gifted a bottle of the room spray to me. I went through the wax and was quick to repurchase another pack.

The smell, to me, is a perfect Valentine’s Day scent. It isn’t particularly romantic, but it’s the sweetest mix of fresh flowers and cherry candy to my nose. It is a pretty strong scent, about a 7.5 out of 10. It is a little on the feminine side, but not to the point where it cannot be enjoyed by everyone. Even my boyfriend likes it, and he usually prefers cologne-y or foodie scents.

This fragrance comes in a few forms including wax melts, room spray, scented oil, and 3.4 ounce candles. If Blooming Peony & Cherry sounds like your thing, check it out!

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m just happy to shout-out my favorites in the scent world, and I’m enjoying this wax for Valentine’s Day with my Valentine! I hope you all have a wonderful love holiday if you choose to celebrate. What will you be burning or melting on the 14th? xoxo


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