Yankee Candle Semi-annual Sale Summer 2017

After a few years of uncertainty, I decided to give Yankee Candle another shot. I wasn’t getting much throw out of the large jar candles, wax tarts, or votives that I was buying, so I pulled back and resisted their products. The company addressed these concerns in a Facebook Live video last year, and had unsatisfied customers contact a designated “We Listen” e-mail about hard-to-smell products. Yankee Candle has since released new scents, as well as entirely changing the look of their brand. I was due to see how the company responded to customer feedback, and thus, my semi-annual sale order was placed.

I ordered six large jars for $60 along with free shipping. I picked three fragrances in the classic large jar, and three in large two-wick tumblers. At least three of the scents are new. It will take some time to compare and contrast these fragrances, but for now, my initial thoughts are overwhelmingly positive. They seem like strong scented candles, and my expectations are not as low as they were a year ago.


First Impressions (all cold sniff!)


Ocean Star – Better than I expected! I could see this being a very refreshing, unisex body care scent. Out of all the aquatic-type scents available, I’m glad I chose this one.

Pumpkin Buttercream – True to its title, but deepened with a lovely clove note. I think I may have to do a “pumpkin cake showdown” with other candles that are similarly themed.

French Countryside – Not as floral as I expected, but more like a soft spring and summer perfume. I’m really loving this candle, but I’m a seasonal burner… I may wait all the way until next spring to light it.



Peeps – This smells like a delicious vanilla and marshmallow cupcake to me. I was expecting it to be a little more… candy-ish? I’ve never sniffed the Marshmallow Chicks Yankee candle with yellow wax, so I can’t compare the two.

Stars & Stripes – Really, this candle makes me think of a craft store, but during spring and summer months. To be honest, I bought it for the label – I really wanted a festive 4th of July candle.

Island Waterfall – The scent reminds me of a cleaning product, but in a good way. I think this would be a great neutral fragrance to burn around a lot of company.



…and I only bought a single wax tart. I kept putting a Vanilla Lime large jar candle in my cart, but decided I wanted to test it with a tart first. I know this one isn’t new, but it’s new to me! Oddly enough, on cold sniff, I feel like I’m getting mint from this fragrance.


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12 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Semi-annual Sale Summer 2017

  1. Look at you, giving them another go, some would call it risky business.
    I have hundreds of Yankees in different sizes and have only had maybe 4 without throw. Some are certainly lighter than others. I can’t say if they changed the formula, but I’m surprised they had the fan discussion, I hadn’t heard that. My opinion from my time working there and of course my own burning is the difference comes down to the type of wax. Jars have a hard mottled wax w/single wicks=hours before throw will appear. Tumblers have smooth wax, double wicked, throw will occur in half the time and be slightly stronger. I’ve never had a problem with tarts throwing unless they are 2 yrs old or more, the oils eventually leach into the plastic wrapper.

    The Peeps is the same scent as Marshmallow chicks, just a gooey marshmallow. Pumpkin Buttercream was always a really light thrower, let us know if this throws. I like Stars and stripes bc I like clove, strangely it’s the same scent used for Festival of Lights, the Hanukkah candle! Good luck with the haul.

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    1. I have come to realize that Yankees have different “intensities,” and that it isn’t really a bad thing. Many of my guests appreciate it! I think B&BW just spoiled me – soft wax, quick burn, strong scent, etc. Like you said about single-wick Yankees, it’s a big difference. Over and over again, I hear about the powerhouse that is Chocolate Layer Cake, but no luck this time… maybe next. 😀 Thanks for the info!

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      1. Totally agree, and CLC is a blow your house down throw, some ppl don’t even light it. Too intense for me, good luck on your search.


  2. I’ve had some decent luck lately with my Yankee purchases (mainly tarts, but a couple of candles) but Peeps was a total jerk – zero smell. None at all. Looks like a great haul, though – enjoy!

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      1. Yes, please. Although I’ve found I have better luck with candles than tarts – something about wax + actual flame = yummy (or some other equation like that!)


  3. I would love to read your burned impressions! Especially the Pumpkin one. I adore my pumpkins and I feel like I should start collecting them since fall approaches… Nice haul! Enjoy your goodies. Hoping they perform just like you want them too.

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