Root Candles: Bourbon Vanilla

I received this Bourbon Vanilla candle to review from Root Candles. It is a large 10.5 oz. Veriglass candle with a description that reads: Intoxicating blend of bourbon and cognac unfold into buttery rum vanilla, complemented by milky creamy notes of caramel and maple. The wax is made out of an all-natural beeswax blend, and the wick is all-natural cotton. The burn time expected for this candle is up to 70 hours.



First Impression
I was really pleased with the look of this candle when I unboxed it. It has a sophisticated appearance and it is something that I would keep on display, as it doesn’t clash with any of my home decor. It can blend in for just about any occasion as well. Visually, this candle gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Based on the scent description, while smelling it cold, I braced myself for the boozy essence of this candle. I did not get hit in the face with it; the bourbon and cognac notes aren’t too strong or dominant, and they are not off-putting alcohol notes by any means. It is more like a liquor-infused dessert. I got the vanilla, caramel, and maple notes right away – I was actually surprised by how creamy and sweet it is, without coming off as artificial to my nose.



First Burn
The candle burns more on the slower side, so it took a while for the wax to pool out evenly. For me, this product is ideal for long evenings, perhaps while hosting guests or even just to keep lit during a day off at home. The fragrance gradually builds over time, with the scent strength and throw reaching a medium intensity within a couple of hours of burning in a large open space. I detect almost the same ratio of scent notes as the candle burns: the milky, creamy maple note falls into the background a bit, while sweet caramel comes through and the buttery vanilla rum brings it all together along with a light dose of bourbon & cognac.

It is a decadent aroma, but it isn’t too intense. In fact, despite its evening cocktail vibe, I think I’d really enjoy this candle in the morning with coffee, too. As I experience more of this scent, my mind wanders to scenarios when I would reach for this candle. I think this is a brilliant transitional fragrance from a warm late summer, into cooler fall weather. I could also see myself wanting to burn this candle during spring months. To put it simply: it is yummy, and it is versatile. I have no complaints.

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