Goose Creek, Better Homes and Gardens, & ScentSationals Small Haul

Happy Independence Day to those of you that celebrated! I had a great time with my family on the 4th. The holiday inspired me to place an order with Goose Creek a few weeks ago, so I could enjoy their festive Red, White & Blue two-wick tumbler during the day. I missed the candle last year, but was happy to see it in stock this summer.


Along with that candle, I picked some scents for the seasons ahead: 1 Frosted Pumpkin Cake two-wick tumbler, 2 wax melts in the fall scents Carrot Cake and Kentucky Harvest, and 1 Balsam Fir for winter. I kept it as simple as possible since this was a spontaneous purchase.


Carrot Cake is a re-purchase, because I’m in love with this fragrance. Balsam Fir is new to me, since I kept skipping over it and figured this year, I need to have it. Kentucky Harvest is delightful. It includes apple, caramel, clove, vanilla, and cedarwood notes in its description. I also received a free gift with this purchase: 1 Exhilarating Pineapple room spray. I know either my mother or my sister-in-law would love this scent, so I will most likely pass the spray along.


To burn for the current season, I chose a few sweet bakery wax melts from Walmart: 2 Better Homes and Gardens melts in Brownie Pecan Pie and Vanilla Cookie Crunch, and 1 ScentSationals wax melt in Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies. I am stepping out of my comfort zone a bit by trying out lemon and chocolate scented wax. I need some sort of wax fairy to boop me on the head with her wand and dissolve my strange wax-related worries. The worst thing that has ever happened to me when I tried something new was that I had a fierce craving for a cappuccino.

Do any of you have any “out of my comfort zone” scented candle and wax experiences? I am always curious about other people’s scent preferences!

4 thoughts on “Goose Creek, Better Homes and Gardens, & ScentSationals Small Haul

  1. Kentucky Harvest sounds eeeeexcellent. I’ve yet to try Goose Creek, a blogger I follow reviews a lot and all of the ones that appeal to me get subpar reviews. Would you let me know how Kentucky Harvest performs when you get the chance to melt? That Red/white/Blue looks so festive, I burn my holiday Yankee every year only on the 4th, is it berry snowcone type?


  2. Mmm, carrot cake sounds great. I bought a carrot cake scent from Sniff My Tarts earlier this year, and I HATED it on cold. It was all gross and sour. But I melted it one day out of desperation months later, and it was completely delicious – spicy like zucchini bread, without that weird zucchini bread note. 🙂

    Florals are never my jam, but I find that I’ve been unexpectedly leaning towards some floral gourmand fragrances this year, both in wax and perfume. It’s weird, because florals are never the answer with me!

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    1. I have a love/hate thing with florals. Too much floral in a fragrance is always TOO MUCH to me. Or, I’ll love a scent one day, can’t handle it the next. Floral gourmand sounds nice, though!


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