Super Tarts Wax Haul

Super Tarts had a weekend-long Father’s Day sale in June 2017, and every male-themed wax tart was offered for $3 each instead of $4. How lucky for me, then, that I was planning on purchasing a few of the Game of Thrones inspired products that weekend anyway. All in all there were seven wax tarts available that interested me the most, plus one that wasn’t on sale that I needed to try. This order was my first experience with Super Tarts and I will be a repeat customer.

I let the clamshells sit for a few weeks after I received them, and then tried my first cube – it smelled great, but I want to get the most out of these products, so I’m going to let them sit a while longer. My thoughts on them so far are mostly based on cold sniff.


Annabeth (Olympian Melts)
Salt Water Taffy & Pink Sugar
I don’t know who Annabeth is, but this wax looked gorgeous and I imagined that it smelled wonderful. This is the only one I’ve melted so far and it was perfect for a long summer morning. I love its appearance, and I’m a fan of the Pink Sugar perfume, so I’m glad I added it to my order along with all of the manly melts.


Tyrion (Game of Tarts)
Kumquats, Whipped Cream, & Rice Krispy Treats
I definitely get orange creamsicle from this wax. I’ll enjoy it during the spring and summer months, but I can imagine blending a bit of it with cinnamon for fall, and pine for winter. Hopefully it is a strong thrower.


King Crow (Game of Tarts)
Snowy Peppermint & Fierce Cologne
I obviously had to show these GoT-inspired melts to my loved ones that appreciate the series, and this one seemed to be the biggest hit. I love it, too, and I can’t wait to melt it later this year. I get an even mix of peppermint and cologne, but it isn’t a sweet peppermint to me.


King Joffrey (Game of Tarts)
Sweet Wedding Cake & Ceremonial Pie
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this scent when I ordered it, but it may actually be my favorite from this order. I get cake with berries and a soft spice note from it, which makes me think: late summer to early fall transitional fragrance.


President Snow (Sniffing Games)
Peppermint Cream, White Rose, & Vanilla Ice Cream
There is a lot more rose/floral in this scent on cold. I don’t think I can really form an opinion on it until I smell it warm, because it’s possible I’ll get more of the peppermint or vanilla. The description sounded perfect to me for a late winter scent.


Haymitch (Sniffing Games)
Frangelico, Chocolate Chip Cookies, & Ice Cream Scoop Bread
This wax smells exactly how I expected it to smell. It is a strong, sweet hazelnut scent and I can even smell the chocolate chip cookies. This is not only a delicious scented wax, but it looks really neat as well. I’m impressed.


Psycho (Fright Night)
Warm Pumpkin Bread, Sweet Raspberries, & Spiced Sour Cream Cake
The wax says “BATES” in reference to Norman Bates & the Bates family from the movie Psycho (+ the show Bates Motel). I absolutely love the hint of raspberry along with the aroma of fresh baked pumpkin treats. I’m saving this one for Halloween, of course!


Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tartles)
Blue Cotton Candy, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, & Sweet Tarts
I wish I got more of the butter cookies out of this scent, but I do enjoy it nonetheless. It is sweet, fruity, and candy-like, as one would expect given the description. Leonardo was always my favorite ninja turtle as a child, so I wanted to grab this during the sale while I had the chance.

7 thoughts on “Super Tarts Wax Haul

  1. Ahh!! Your first order, how exciting!!! I can’t wait until you melt them and to hear your thoughts on warm.
    I just love ST, some of my favorite wax. So happy that your happy with your order so far and that you were able to make your first order on the sale.

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  2. Mmm, those all sound fantastic – I think you and I have compatible taste (tastes?) in scents. 🙂 Psycho in particular sounds super scrumptious. They all look so pretty, too – nice photos.


  3. Cheers to another Super Tarts victim, they are sinfully easy to order from and Brandi is always creating the most innovative and risky blends. I’m intrigued by King Crow, but then again it is inspired by Jon Snow, how could I not be. The bakery is less appealing to me, however, I get good scent throw from ST 99% of the time. Oh, and Annabeth is one of the main characters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, from the Olympiad melt series. Enjoy the goodies:)


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