Fall Fun Series II: Autumn Inspiration


The photos in my collage are all moments that I captured last fall, in October of 2016. They were taken all around the state of Wisconsin. Some of them are pretty obvious depictions of fall: arranged pumpkins, fallen leaves, animals at the farm. The photo in the top right corner is a representation of how much time I spend traveling in the car during the fall season, as it was snapped randomly on the side of the road somewhere in northern Wisconsin. Time at the lake when the weather is cool is still one of my top favorite ways to spend the day.

It has been a really busy, slightly chaotic week. My fingers are crossed that next week is a lot smoother. I’ve had some time to enjoy my Pumpkin Cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works. Still, I’m finding it difficult to resist placing another order for more of their fall scents.


3 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Autumn Inspiration

  1. I always enjoy your fall from Wisconsin photos, I know you’re a Badgers fan, do you get into the college fb craziness where you are? It’s a lot of OSU mania here, but I do enjoy watching especially with my Dad.
    Hope your weeks are calmer soon, if you were to indulge in a new B&BW scent which would you get?


  2. I love your photos!!! They are so cheerful. I think I may have picked that candle up? I need to go check my closet. I chose one of those pretty font pumpkin candles…. cannot wait to burn my pumpkin candles!


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