Fall Fun Series II: Fall Fashion

I was shopping for fall wax and hand soaps yesterday and I grabbed a sweater on my way out the door. It was the first day of fall, so I assumed: it will be chilly this evening, I better take this! No, it was hot and humid. It sat in the car the whole time. I didn’t even want a Pumpkin Spice Latte as I passed Starbucks, so I didn’t see if the fall cups were out yet! There have been plenty of cool days, however. I already took out my boxes of fall and winter clothing and have slowly moved out the summer wear.

I’m crazy about scarves, but I haven’t added many to my collection lately. I added a couple of shawls to my wardrobe last autumn, but I haven’t come across those yet. I’m excited about a few other new things I got with autumn in mind. I bought this cute Betsey Johnson bag at Macy’s back in the spring, but I put it away thinking I’d love it more in the fall. I was right.



My mother brought this necklace back for me from her recent trip to Germany. Although they are flowers, the colors just scream “autumn” to me. I’m sure it will be worn a lot this season.



I’m big on fuzzy socks during the colder months of the year. I love them even more than scarves. I’ll spare you… I won’t show the old, used socks in my collection! These ones are new and I can’t wait to wear ’em. One pair is solid brown and the other is green and brown with white snowflakes.



Owl leggings. Of course I needed to grab these. They’ll match perfectly with the fuzzy socks!



This is Aesop Rock merch, but I actually got this hoodie with Halloween in mind. I put on cat ears and makeup when I went trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew last year, so I think the freaky cat will match perfectly with the same get-up.



And lastly… this is not my picture, sadly. These have not yet arrived at my home, but they should be here next week. New booties!



That does it for my new fall fashion favorites. I’m sure I will be adding plenty more as it gets colder and colder here in the Midwest. Check out how fashionable the other Fall Fun Series bloggers are going to be this fall:

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8 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Fall Fashion

  1. CUTE booties! I’m trying to find a pair of granny booties at the moment, and finding them all erring just a bit too close to combat boots (which I also like, but just not what I’m looking for right now.) Those leggings are super cute, too – I think I may have seen them over on Amanda’s post as well!

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  2. I love your interpretation of fall style. The bag, the necklace, atypically fall in a subtle way, also great conversation pieces. Eyeing up those owl leggings myself, I’m all about owls, luckily my sis provides me with those fuzzy socks with dogs or such on them, so my feet will be warm. How bout this midwest heat wave, it’s expected to be 90 here today!!!

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    1. This year I seem to be a lot less “in your face” with the typical fall fashions! Well.. minus the owl leggings. I got them from Walmart and so far, I love ’em! For $5, I can definitely recommend them.

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