Fall Fun Series II: Favorite Fall Scent


There are a few home fragrances that I absolutely must have around during the fall season. Anything and everything pumpkin spice, everything related to toasting marshmallows over the fire, and anything that captures the essence of leaves. If I had to pick just one, though, it has be the aroma of fallen autumn leaves. Bath & Body Work’s 3-wick Leaves candle is my top choice, but I have found a few that are close dupes, some that are similar, and a couple in this scent family that are quite different, but still very well loved.


Bath & Body WorksLeaves
– Crisp red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice
719 Walnut AvenueWalk in the Woods
– Maple and birch woods, tangy pomegranate, juniper, and orange

Goose CreekCrunchy Leaves
– Autumn leaves, cinnamon, black currant, tangerine, cedar wood, oak bark, and amber
Better Homes & GardensCrisp Fall Leaves
– Crisp harvest air and warm all spice
Kringle CandleLeaves
– Leaves, woods, citrus, and spice

ScentsyFalling Leaves
– Herbal patchouli, sweet and spicy cinnamon, and clove
Colonial CandleFalling Leaves
– Freshly fallen leaves, ambered spices, and warm harvest grains
Dessa’s Homespun ScentsFall Foliage
– Earthy autumn leaves after the rain, and crackling logs on the fire

Candles From The Keeping RoomLeaves (Type)
– Cinnamon, dried apple peel, allspice, fresh clove bud, and Vermont maple
Vintage Chic ScentsThe Addams Family (Leaves Type)


I loved pulling each of these products out and comparing/contrasting all of the scent notes. It’s funny how some fragrances are so similar, but are described so differently… Or they are described similarly, but smell completely different! Dessa’s blend is probably the most unique out of this list, which I sort of expected, followed by the Scentsy wax bar.

I was meant to also share my least favorite fall fragrance, but since I already sorta trashed apple scents, I won’t rain on that parade anymore!


7 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Favorite Fall Scent

  1. I agree!!! Your collection of fall scents is amazing! Hey. Were you able to find Walk in the Woods this year?? I went to Walmart but I could not find it this time. I was bummed because I loved it. I need to try Dessa’s Fall Foliage scent now. I see it has fire in it. Yum. Do you pick up on that? Is it like BBW Leaves with Fireside?? I just got my yearly BBW Leaves candle yesterday and cannot wait to burn it.

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    1. I couldn’t find Walk in the Woods at Walmart this year either, unfortunately. 😦 I picked up Evergreen instead, but I plan on checking again soon! Hmmm… on cold I can pick up on a bit of fire/wood/smoke in Dessa’s Fall Foliage but it’s overpowered by the fresh, earthy notes. It lacks the spice and apple of BBW’s Leaves, that’s the big difference for me!


  2. It’s nice of you to be considerate of apple scents by not wanting to beat up on them some more, lol.

    Great balls of leaves, that’s a lot of leafy fragrance up there. Leaves is one of my favorite fall notes too and I like most variations, I’m a fan of the BBW candle, is anyone not a fan? There you go intriguing me with Goose Creek and Colonial Candle again, it seems fall might be the best time to give them a shot. Silly ?, can either of them be found in a retail store? I second Julie on the Dessa’s Foliage scent, how is that one?

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    1. I know Goose Creek is at some retail spots like Gordman’s, and stores a lot of people have that I do not… like Ross? I think? I would definitely say fall is their best. I’m pretty sure that’s why to me, their products are good throwers, but to others they may not be their favorites. I also collect their melts more than their large jars, I just have better luck there.


  3. I found your blog when I googled Autumn Walk to find out what the notes are, as it seems to be continued? I loved that one, but I couldn’t find it last year and now this year it looks like they’ve replaced it with Great Value brand but they don’t have a scent dupe. Have you come across anything? I do love Leaves as well, but I can’t remember how similar they are.


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