Fall Fun Series II: Festive Entertainment

My favorite thing to do during autumn nights is light a candle, fill a bowl with candy, and relax on the couch with festive entertainment. My boyfriend and I have begun our annual ritual of watching creepy movies and TV shows all October long. Last year, we committed to watching all of The Simpson’s thirty-or-so Treehouse of Horror episodes. This year, we’ve been less ambitious, but still plenty spooky already.


Some TV favorites we’ve started watching are the newest season of American Horror Story and re-runs of Dexter for slashers, and The Good Place for lighthearted fall entertainment. We’re patiently waiting for the return of Mr. Robot and Stranger Things; we’re big fans of both shows. Of course, I’ll need to check out The Walking Dead as well. I stick with that show like a bad relationship.



I’ve been loving the festive shows on Food Network this fall. Halloween Wars and Halloween Baking Championship have helped us get into the holiday spirit, and they’ve also inspired me to get more creative in the kitchen. I can always use new ideas for spooky Halloween treats – this year, I learned about using peanuts for zombie teeth! Icky!



For scary movies, we’ve seen The Shining, Blair Witch, and House on Haunted Hill so far this year. Possibly more, and most likely some that I’ve slept through because my schedule has been busy and odd. I still have to see the new IT, as I unfortunately missed my chance to last month. Chances are pretty good that we will watch some of our Rob Zombie favorites. I’d like to put on the Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse double feature as I’ve always been a huge fan of his style and those two films are definitely creepy and gory.



I don’t do a lot of reading for pleasure during the fall semester. I’m usually only reading out of textbooks. However, the boyfriend and I have been sitting on A Song of Ice and Fire audio books for a few months now, and will be starting those within the next few days. This will fit in perfectly during work outs, bubble baths, and bed time for the rest of the season. In my opinion, it is the best time of year to geek out on this series.


2 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Festive Entertainment

  1. Ah, a woman after my own movie-lovin heart – I wholeheartedly approve of the yearly scary movie binge. 🙂 My husband and I do something similar, and one year we DID get through all of the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons, but that was seven or eight years ago when there weren’t not quite so many! It’s a bit of a daunting task now.

    I dug out a few Super Tarts picks for this prompt as well, and in fact, I’m melting Elm Street today. Never cared for the actual Elm Street movies, but this wax is dee-licious, and the little slashes across the top are perfect. Love the brown and red colours, too (that’s the ONLY thing I’ll give Freddy – his sweater is pretty dope.)

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  2. Sounds like you have a spooky movie list ready to go! I am such a chicken… it has been a long time since I have watched a scary movie. I think I need to try it out soon. I love seeing your tarts all lined up and coordinating with the horror films. I loved reading Game of Thrones. I wish he would finish that last book soon.

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