Fall Fun Series II: Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


I didn’t put up a whole lot of spooky decor this year, but it’s just enough to attract trick-or-treaters with plenty of bright lights around the house.

Over the Halloweekend, I got to blow off steam at a couple of gatherings. One included dinner, wine, and cake for a birthday. The next day I made a batch of 5-layer taco dip for a party, where I dressed as an ’80s metal-head chick and gobbled up orange jello shots.


Tonight I will be baking Halloween chocolate chip cookies and watching American Horror Story: Cult on FX. We don’t get a ton of trick-or-treaters on my street, but I’m looking forward to the few we usually do get. If it isn’t too rainy, we may have a fire. I’d also love to continue watching Stranger Things!


One thing is for sure – I’ll be burning and melting tonight! I received a few The Bathing Garden wax melts from the Scare and Poisoned Graveyard collections: Mummy Mademoiselle, Phantom Queen, Boozy Vlad, Belle Morte, and Faerie Bonfire. I also ordered a few festive Colonial Candle scents this fall in Enchanted Spell, Glowing Jack O’ Lanterns, and Spooky Nights. Of course I’ll also burn Yankee Candle’s Sweet Seduction tonight.


I hope everyone enjoys a fun and safe, but spooky Halloween night. Don’t forget to visit the other Fall Fun Series bloggers and take a look at their Halloween festivities!

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One thought on “Fall Fun Series II: Halloween!

  1. OOh, that sounds like a fun weekend, it certainly beat mine, though I did get to see a live production of Young Frankenstein and sneak in the first two Stranger Things episodes, loving it! It’s one of those deals with my husband that we can’t watch without the other person, or else…ultimate betrayal, lol.

    I hope you are enjoying your festive scents, some great Bathing Garden choices. I really enjoyed Phantom Queen and Mummy Mademoiselle, Boozy Vlad sounds like something I’d dig too. A Halloween night bonfire would be the ultimate touch, unfortunately, we’re freezing our butts off here just passing out candy (we get a ton of trick or treaters). Enjoy your fun night:)


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