Fall Fun Series II: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m really glad that this day is finally here. There are a lot of reasons why, but one is that I have been craving pumpkin pie all week; definitely more than usual this year. While preparing for the holiday at home, my candle & wax choices have been variations of pumpkin pie to tide me over. However, I made room for a sweet cranberry scent for good measure today. I don’t feel ready to switch over to winter scents, so I’ve been burning and melting a ton of fall goodness this week.


I’m heading out of town on Thanksgiving Day to visit with some relatives for a big dinner, drinks, and games. As usual, we tend to have more than one gathering, so I’ll be stuffing myself all weekend long. I hope that those of you celebrating Thanksgiving have a great time as well.

I don’t plan on shopping in stores on Black Friday (never have), but I might have to shop a little bit online. I splurged during Ulta’s Cyber Fundays sale already, but I’m considering a Barrett Wax Crafts order. I’m also eyeballing philosophy’s bubble baths. There are so many things going on sale, it’s hard to resist at least taking a look. Good luck to any of you braving the crowds this year!


5 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Thanksgiving & Black Friday

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Angela😁

    Sounds like a fun weekend! If you do order Barrett’s, I recommend his lavender, outstanding! Last night I ordered some L3 Waxy wonders, she’s having a sale too. I melted Cran Apple Vanilla Oak by L3 and it was so pretty.
    Don’t forget to thank yourself today too, and of course to overeat!

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving… weekend! I’ve actually been really into lavender lately, so I can’t wait for my Barrett’s order now. I still have yet to try L3… I may regret not getting the advent calendar.


  2. Stuffing yourself all weekend sounded like a great plan. 🙂 I did that myself. Now back to the routine of work. Did you end up getting any online deals? Ulta did have a pretty nice collection going. But I tried to be good and only get gifts so no Ulta for me. Happy holidays!

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    1. Happy holidays! I caved for Target’s $25 off of $75 deal on Christmas ornaments and lights… whoops. 😀 You have the right idea – only gifts from here on out! So many temptations.


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