Fall Fun Series II: All About Apples

I’ll come right out and say it… for the most part, I do not like apples. I know, I’m weird. Most fruits are hit or miss for me, as far as snacking on ’em goes. However, I have found that I can tolerate the artificial scent of apples, preferably mixed with other yummy smells. For instance, the Warm Apple Pie wax melts & candles by Mainstays took me by surprise a few autumns ago. No recipes or decor for this girl, but, I do have a few new-to-me apple scents that I am excited to use this fall, much to the surprise of those that have ever lived with my love/hate/mostly hate relationship with apples.



I lucked out and bought several sugar scrubs from Bath & Body Works when they were on sale for only $6. Champagne Apple & Honey is a returning fall fragrance with notes of pink lady apple, sparkling champagne, and jasmine honey.



Caramel Applewood from Goose Creek is pretty much what I expected: green apple, caramel, and wood. I skipped this scent the past two fall seasons, but I made sure I grabbed it this time.



The Supernatural Victorian sampler from Vintage Chic Scents included two yummy apple melts. Witch’s Chair is Vermont honey apple and Vanilla Lace (Victoria’s Secret type), and Sanderson Sisters has notes of green apple, caramel, candy corn, and marshmallow.



Apple & Oats was one of many free samples I received from Candles From The Keeping Room last month. Its scent description includes crisp apple slices, steel cut oats, Tupelo honey, tart apple peel, vanilla extract, and maple sugar. Yummm. I feel spoiled already.


Even though the weather has started to change where I live, this past week+ has felt very un-autumn-like to me. I’ve temporarily slowed down on my pumpkin frenzy. My mother and I celebrated our birthdays along with two others in our family. For these occasions, I’ve gravitated more towards simple vanilla cake type scents, and I’ve enjoyed gazing at fresh flowers more than my pumpkins. I did, however, purchase my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, and started the first late night fire. I’m curious to see if anyone is in full fall mode yet. I am certainly in full fall semester mode.




Fall Fun Series II: Autumn Inspiration


The photos in my collage are all moments that I captured last fall, in October of 2016. They were taken all around the state of Wisconsin. Some of them are pretty obvious depictions of fall: arranged pumpkins, fallen leaves, animals at the farm. The photo in the top right corner is a representation of how much time I spend traveling in the car during the fall season, as it was snapped randomly on the side of the road somewhere in northern Wisconsin. Time at the lake when the weather is cool is still one of my top favorite ways to spend the day.

It has been a really busy, slightly chaotic week. My fingers are crossed that next week is a lot smoother. I’ve had some time to enjoy my Pumpkin Cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works. Still, I’m finding it difficult to resist placing another order for more of their fall scents.


Fall Fun Series II: All About Autumn

Fall Fun Series II Photo

Hello, September! I’m excited to start out this month participating in the second annual Fall Fun Series with some fantastic bloggers! The first post of the series is a festive fall tag all about ourselves and autumn. Be sure to take a look at all of their posts as well for extra helpings of fall goodness each week:

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Have you ever participated in a Fall blogging series?
I was late to join in, but I participated in the Fall Fun Series last year (2016) after looking up festive blogging tags to do for the first day of fall.

What are you most looking forward to this Fall?
I can’t wait to go pumpkin picking with my nieces and nephew again. I have yet to schedule the rest of my fun fall activities, but I’m definitely looking forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving as usual.

Crisp Fall mornings or cozy Fall nights?
Can I have both, please? I’d probably have to say fall nights, though. A good chunk of what I spend my time on during the season is watching creepy movies in PJs and catching up on all of the new fall TV shows with my significant other. Plus, I usually burn my candles at night! It is a tough choice though, because if I’m out on the lake, I’ll take an early morning sunrise at the firepit with a latte anytime.

When do you start decorating for Fall?
Fall begins for me on September 1st, to an extent. The pumpkins and leaves definitely start coming out and I’m 100% done with summer in terms of home fragrance and decor. On October 1st, Halloween decor goes up and on November 2nd, Thanksgiving decor comes out.

What is your favourite store to visit for Fall goodies? Share the link!
Bath & Body Works and Starbucks are a given for fall scents and treats. I’ve already visited each store a few times, and will likely visit several more times throughout the season!

If you had to get one Fall-themed image tattooed on your body, what would it be? For extra points, where?
Well… I’m a cat lady, so I would get a Halloween-y black cat tattoo. If that doesn’t count, then I’d get a fox. I would place the tattoo somewhere along one of my legs. When I ran this past my boyfriend, he didn’t sound too opposed to the idea…

Did you trick-or-treat when you were younger? What was the last costume you wore? What’s your dream costume (whether you actually got to wear it or not)?
I loved trick-or-treating as a kid. I went with my older brothers and our neighbors in a big group, and we’d stay out as long as we could and then compare candy piles afterward. The last costume I wore was cat ears & makeup for Halloween last year. I studied so many Youtube tutorials to make my face look cat-like! My current dream costume is probably something Game of Thrones related, but it’d be expensive to pull it off well, so that is why it remains in my dreams.

Favourite Fall home fragrance?
Leaves 3-wick candle by Bath & Body Works, and I also love Goose Creek’s Carrot Cake wax melts. I have added a lot of new stuff to my collection, however, so I’ll need to revisit this question at the end of the series.

Best body care fragrance for Fall?
Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte. I wasn’t always crazy about this scent, but I found myself craving it all summer, so now I’m very pleased to be using it again.

Must-have nail polish/perfume/makeup for the Fall?
Nail polish: Essie Playing Koi
Perfume: Victoria’s Secret Dark Angel
Makeup: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Favourite Fall month?
Hmm… September is my birthday month, but all of the best fall activities happen in October, and November is such a peaceful beginning of the holiday season… all of them are my favorite, really.

What’s the weather like where you live?
It stays sunny and somewhat warm (by Midwest standards) up until early October, and then quickly becomes chilly, windy, wet, and dark. It is the best time of year for candles and hot coffee, that is for sure.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Totally. I decided that as a young child that gobbled up pumpkin pie whenever and wherever possible. It tastes and smells too yummy to resist in any of its forms. Lotions, coffees, cookies, wax melts… just gimme ’em all.

Favourite Thanksgiving food?
All of it. I love to cook and eat each dish! It is easier to just say “Thanksgiving Dinner” is one of my favorite meals.

Briefly describe your idea of a perfect Fall day.
My perfect fall day would include some element of nature, like a walk around town admiring the leaves, a trip to the lake, pumpkin picking at the farm, or sitting at a firepit in the evening. It would probably include some baking or cooking, lots coffee, lots of strong scents around the house, watching a football game with my family, and maybe even shopping so I can get more fall goodies.

Bath & Body Works Fall 2017 Candle Haul


First, I was stalking Facebook and Instagram for fall Bath & Body Works teaser pics. Then, I was stalking the Bath & Body Works website for any fall items to appear. As luck would have it, there was a buy one, get one free candle sale the first morning I discovered them on the website last month. About a week later, a few more fall classics appeared and I ordered them just as quickly.


I doubled up on my favorites: Leaves and Marshmallow Fireside. I have already been burning a 2015 B&BW Marshmallow Fireside candle as of late July, and using up a Leaves room perfume from fall 2016. I guess I just lack self control when it comes to fall; I have been dying to bring out these scents. I did not order any Flannel or Sweater Weather as I already have back-ups of those fall classics, but who knows what’ll happen once fall actually begins.


Although I’ve had Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body care and hand soap, I realized that I have never purchased the candle, not even in any adorable Halloween packaging. Now that I have it, I can confirm that it does not smell identical to the body care. It is heavy on the cinnamon; sort of like sweet cinnamon candy. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles smells identical to the 719 Walnut Avenue candle Pumpkin Waffles available at Walmart. I hope this year’s PPW performs just as well, too! I love a strong fall candle.


I enjoyed the Pumpkin Cupcake body care so much last year, and the hand soaps & pocketbacs the year before, that I obviously needed the scent in home fragrance this year. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow sounded like a nice scent to pair with it in candle form. Pumpkin Cupcake is heavier on the pumpkin spice and bakery, while Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow is more of a vanilla bean frosting scent with a hint of pumpkin spice. I could be wrong, but I think these two would blend wonderfully together, especially if one or both of them are weaker fragrances this year.

I skipped Hot Cocoa & Cream last winter, even though it seemed to be a big hit. When I saw it available as a fall scent this year, I figured it would be a useful scent to break up too many days of strong, spicy fragrance. It could also serve as a fall-to-winter transitional scent.


Something else I thought was noteworthy about these orders were the lids I received for each collection. The first order came with the same pumpkin lids I received on fall candles last year. On the left is Pumpkin French Toast from fall 2016, and on the right is Marshmallow Fireside from this year. The candles with cafe style writing on them all came with B&BW’s plain silver lids. In my experience, I usually don’t receive decorative lids when I order the candles online, and I usually don’t see style repeats (except for maybe the winter Christmas tree lids?) It isn’t a big deal to me, but it is something to consider if a collector is concerned about candle packaging and/or appearance.

Super Tarts Wax Haul

Super Tarts had a weekend-long Father’s Day sale in June 2017, and every male-themed wax tart was offered for $3 each instead of $4. How lucky for me, then, that I was planning on purchasing a few of the Game of Thrones inspired products that weekend anyway. All in all there were seven wax tarts available that interested me the most, plus one that wasn’t on sale that I needed to try. This order was my first experience with Super Tarts and I will be a repeat customer.

I let the clamshells sit for a few weeks after I received them, and then tried my first cube – it smelled great, but I want to get the most out of these products, so I’m going to let them sit a while longer. My thoughts on them so far are mostly based on cold sniff.


Annabeth (Olympian Melts)
Salt Water Taffy & Pink Sugar
I don’t know who Annabeth is, but this wax looked gorgeous and I imagined that it smelled wonderful. This is the only one I’ve melted so far and it was perfect for a long summer morning. I love its appearance, and I’m a fan of the Pink Sugar perfume, so I’m glad I added it to my order along with all of the manly melts.


Tyrion (Game of Tarts)
Kumquats, Whipped Cream, & Rice Krispy Treats
I definitely get orange creamsicle from this wax. I’ll enjoy it during the spring and summer months, but I can imagine blending a bit of it with cinnamon for fall, and pine for winter. Hopefully it is a strong thrower.


King Crow (Game of Tarts)
Snowy Peppermint & Fierce Cologne
I obviously had to show these GoT-inspired melts to my loved ones that appreciate the series, and this one seemed to be the biggest hit. I love it, too, and I can’t wait to melt it later this year. I get an even mix of peppermint and cologne, but it isn’t a sweet peppermint to me.


King Joffrey (Game of Tarts)
Sweet Wedding Cake & Ceremonial Pie
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this scent when I ordered it, but it may actually be my favorite from this order. I get cake with berries and a soft spice note from it, which makes me think: late summer to early fall transitional fragrance.


President Snow (Sniffing Games)
Peppermint Cream, White Rose, & Vanilla Ice Cream
There is a lot more rose/floral in this scent on cold. I don’t think I can really form an opinion on it until I smell it warm, because it’s possible I’ll get more of the peppermint or vanilla. The description sounded perfect to me for a late winter scent.


Haymitch (Sniffing Games)
Frangelico, Chocolate Chip Cookies, & Ice Cream Scoop Bread
This wax smells exactly how I expected it to smell. It is a strong, sweet hazelnut scent and I can even smell the chocolate chip cookies. This is not only a delicious scented wax, but it looks really neat as well. I’m impressed.


Psycho (Fright Night)
Warm Pumpkin Bread, Sweet Raspberries, & Spiced Sour Cream Cake
The wax says “BATES” in reference to Norman Bates & the Bates family from the movie Psycho (+ the show Bates Motel). I absolutely love the hint of raspberry along with the aroma of fresh baked pumpkin treats. I’m saving this one for Halloween, of course!


Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Tartles)
Blue Cotton Candy, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, & Sweet Tarts
I wish I got more of the butter cookies out of this scent, but I do enjoy it nonetheless. It is sweet, fruity, and candy-like, as one would expect given the description. Leonardo was always my favorite ninja turtle as a child, so I wanted to grab this during the sale while I had the chance.

Goose Creek, Better Homes and Gardens, & ScentSationals Small Haul

Happy Independence Day to those of you that celebrated! I had a great time with my family on the 4th. The holiday inspired me to place an order with Goose Creek a few weeks ago, so I could enjoy their festive Red, White & Blue two-wick tumbler during the day. I missed the candle last year, but was happy to see it in stock this summer.


Along with that candle, I picked some scents for the seasons ahead: 1 Frosted Pumpkin Cake two-wick tumbler, 2 wax melts in the fall scents Carrot Cake and Kentucky Harvest, and 1 Balsam Fir for winter. I kept it as simple as possible since this was a spontaneous purchase.


Carrot Cake is a re-purchase, because I’m in love with this fragrance. Balsam Fir is new to me, since I kept skipping over it and figured this year, I need to have it. Kentucky Harvest is delightful. It includes apple, caramel, clove, vanilla, and cedarwood notes in its description. I also received a free gift with this purchase: 1 Exhilarating Pineapple room spray. I know either my mother or my sister-in-law would love this scent, so I will most likely pass the spray along.


To burn for the current season, I chose a few sweet bakery wax melts from Walmart: 2 Better Homes and Gardens melts in Brownie Pecan Pie and Vanilla Cookie Crunch, and 1 ScentSationals wax melt in Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies. I am stepping out of my comfort zone a bit by trying out lemon and chocolate scented wax. I need some sort of wax fairy to boop me on the head with her wand and dissolve my strange wax-related worries. The worst thing that has ever happened to me when I tried something new was that I had a fierce craving for a cappuccino.

Do any of you have any “out of my comfort zone” scented candle and wax experiences? I am always curious about other people’s scent preferences!

Root Candles: Bourbon Vanilla

I received this Bourbon Vanilla candle to review from Root Candles. It is a large 10.5 oz. Veriglass candle with a description that reads: Intoxicating blend of bourbon and cognac unfold into buttery rum vanilla, complemented by milky creamy notes of caramel and maple. The wax is made out of an all-natural beeswax blend, and the wick is all-natural cotton. The burn time expected for this candle is up to 70 hours.



First Impression
I was really pleased with the look of this candle when I unboxed it. It has a sophisticated appearance and it is something that I would keep on display, as it doesn’t clash with any of my home decor. It can blend in for just about any occasion as well. Visually, this candle gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Based on the scent description, while smelling it cold, I braced myself for the boozy essence of this candle. I did not get hit in the face with it; the bourbon and cognac notes aren’t too strong or dominant, and they are not off-putting alcohol notes by any means. It is more like a liquor-infused dessert. I got the vanilla, caramel, and maple notes right away – I was actually surprised by how creamy and sweet it is, without coming off as artificial to my nose.



First Burn
The candle burns more on the slower side, so it took a while for the wax to pool out evenly. For me, this product is ideal for long evenings, perhaps while hosting guests or even just to keep lit during a day off at home. The fragrance gradually builds over time, with the scent strength and throw reaching a medium intensity within a couple of hours of burning in a large open space. I detect almost the same ratio of scent notes as the candle burns: the milky, creamy maple note falls into the background a bit, while sweet caramel comes through and the buttery vanilla rum brings it all together along with a light dose of bourbon & cognac.

It is a decadent aroma, but it isn’t too intense. In fact, despite its evening cocktail vibe, I think I’d really enjoy this candle in the morning with coffee, too. As I experience more of this scent, my mind wanders to scenarios when I would reach for this candle. I think this is a brilliant transitional fragrance from a warm late summer, into cooler fall weather. I could also see myself wanting to burn this candle during spring months. To put it simply: it is yummy, and it is versatile. I have no complaints.

Valid from now through August 31st, 2017, use the promo code REVIEWERS17 to take 40% off of future purchases at Root Candles online.