Fall Fun Series II: Favorite Fall Scent


There are a few home fragrances that I absolutely must have around during the fall season. Anything and everything pumpkin spice, everything related to toasting marshmallows over the fire, and anything that captures the essence of leaves. If I had to pick just one, though, it has be the aroma of fallen autumn leaves. Bath & Body Work’s 3-wick Leaves candle is my top choice, but I have found a few that are close dupes, some that are similar, and a couple in this scent family that are quite different, but still very well loved.


Bath & Body WorksLeaves
– Crisp red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice
719 Walnut AvenueWalk in the Woods
– Maple and birch woods, tangy pomegranate, juniper, and orange

Goose CreekCrunchy Leaves
– Autumn leaves, cinnamon, black currant, tangerine, cedar wood, oak bark, and amber
Better Homes & GardensCrisp Fall Leaves
– Crisp harvest air and warm all spice
Kringle CandleLeaves
– Leaves, woods, citrus, and spice

ScentsyFalling Leaves
– Herbal patchouli, sweet and spicy cinnamon, and clove
Colonial CandleFalling Leaves
– Freshly fallen leaves, ambered spices, and warm harvest grains
Dessa’s Homespun ScentsFall Foliage
– Earthy autumn leaves after the rain, and crackling logs on the fire

Candles From The Keeping RoomLeaves (Type)
– Cinnamon, dried apple peel, allspice, fresh clove bud, and Vermont maple
Vintage Chic ScentsThe Addams Family (Leaves Type)


I loved pulling each of these products out and comparing/contrasting all of the scent notes. It’s funny how some fragrances are so similar, but are described so differently… Or they are described similarly, but smell completely different! Dessa’s blend is probably the most unique out of this list, which I sort of expected, followed by the Scentsy wax bar.

I was meant to also share my least favorite fall fragrance, but since I already sorta trashed apple scents, I won’t rain on that parade anymore!



Yankee Candle Semi-annual Sale Summer 2017

After a few years of uncertainty, I decided to give Yankee Candle another shot. I wasn’t getting much throw out of the large jar candles, wax tarts, or votives that I was buying, so I pulled back and resisted their products. The company addressed these concerns in a Facebook Live video last year, and had unsatisfied customers contact a designated “We Listen” e-mail about hard-to-smell products. Yankee Candle has since released new scents, as well as entirely changing the look of their brand. I was due to see how the company responded to customer feedback, and thus, my semi-annual sale order was placed.

I ordered six large jars for $60 along with free shipping. I picked three fragrances in the classic large jar, and three in large two-wick tumblers. At least three of the scents are new. It will take some time to compare and contrast these fragrances, but for now, my initial thoughts are overwhelmingly positive. They seem like strong scented candles, and my expectations are not as low as they were a year ago.


First Impressions (all cold sniff!)


Ocean Star – Better than I expected! I could see this being a very refreshing, unisex body care scent. Out of all the aquatic-type scents available, I’m glad I chose this one.

Pumpkin Buttercream – True to its title, but deepened with a lovely clove note. I think I may have to do a “pumpkin cake showdown” with other candles that are similarly themed.

French Countryside – Not as floral as I expected, but more like a soft spring and summer perfume. I’m really loving this candle, but I’m a seasonal burner… I may wait all the way until next spring to light it.



Peeps – This smells like a delicious vanilla and marshmallow cupcake to me. I was expecting it to be a little more… candy-ish? I’ve never sniffed the Marshmallow Chicks Yankee candle with yellow wax, so I can’t compare the two.

Stars & Stripes – Really, this candle makes me think of a craft store, but during spring and summer months. To be honest, I bought it for the label – I really wanted a festive 4th of July candle.

Island Waterfall – The scent reminds me of a cleaning product, but in a good way. I think this would be a great neutral fragrance to burn around a lot of company.



…and I only bought a single wax tart. I kept putting a Vanilla Lime large jar candle in my cart, but decided I wanted to test it with a tart first. I know this one isn’t new, but it’s new to me! Oddly enough, on cold sniff, I feel like I’m getting mint from this fragrance.


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Fall Fun Series: Fall Candles


Today is the perfect day to do a fall candle post, because unfortunately, I’ll be stashing them away in my closet tonight. Yes, it’s a sad day in my fall-loving world. I’m only going to be home on Monday and Tuesday this week since I will be out of town for a few days celebrating Thanksgiving with family. I’m one of those people that likes to decorate the Christmas tree ASAP after Thanksgiving dinner, so by the time I return home, I will officially be in Christmas mode. It’s only appropriate, then, that my main candle/wax shelf be ready for me with all of my favorite winter fragrances.

Five large jar candles and fifteen 3-wick tumblers were evicted from my shelf and are preparing to hibernate in a cool, dark place for the time being. I think the only ones that I didn’t talk about on my blog were:

Bath & Body WorksFlannel: I can’t not have this candle on hand, even though this year I didn’t burn it. It is what I consider the fall version of B&BW’s Black Tie which I also love. It’s a masculine, cologne-y type of scent (I’ve never been too great at describing those), but since I purchased a Better Homes & Gardens wax melt dupe, I didn’t really miss it in candle form. I’ll save it for next year.

Goose CreekCherry Cobbler: I purchased the candle this spring along with four other fruity/dessert combos. When I lit the candle, I picked up on a spicy bakery note and noticed cinnamon, brown sugar, and buttery cake among the cherry, orange, and lemon notes listed on the website. I had to blow it out and put it away for fall, as it just didn’t feel right for spring. I lit this one a few times in September, but it couldn’t survive Pumpkin Mania and was eventually trapped in the back of the shelf. Perhaps it’s a good late winter candle?

Goose CreekFrench Autumn, and Autumn Romance: These are the backups of two jars that I bought last fall, and despite having Autumn in their names, neither one strikes me as an exclusively fall scent. I decided to save them for another time, but it was still nice to see their colors instead of a sea of orange wax this season. Autumn Romance is a strong one with amber, sandalwood, and musk, while French Autumn is a bit sweet, combining notes of plum, fig, orchid, and again, more sandalwood. It makes me think of a strong, musky perfume mixed with red wine.




At the moment, I’m burning Goose Creek Creamy Pumpkin Pie, and Mainstays Pumpkin Spice. I’m also starting to decorate what I refer to as my Autumn/Thanksgiving tree. It’s a two foot tall red Christmas tree which I cover with gold and brown ornaments and clear/white lights. It’s just one out of the six mini trees I have to sprinkle some holiday cheer all over my living areas. I can’t believe I’m already getting ready for Christmas!


Fall Fun Series: Halloween Decoration

My sister-in-law and I were ambitious this year (for both recovering from foot/ankle injuries) and got Halloween decorations up right on October 1st. Ever since having my little nieces and nephews around for the past few years, I have to be mindful of putting up things that are festive, but not terrifying. Thus, the bulk of my Halloween decor is tame. Pumpkins, witches, skulls, and other spooky creatures are placed all around the house in moderation. My least subtle display is probably the shelf in the corner of the kitchen that changes with each season.


Like I mentioned in my pumpkin post, this year I am making an effort to focus on what is new to my collection. When I went to Walmart to check out the Halloween decorations, though, I was a little disappointed.


I ordered some Ghoul Friend soaps from Bath & Body Works, one of which is already being used in my bathroom. The two adorable little pails are what I picked up from Walmart, and are now on the kitchen table filled with miniature Halloween candies for guests to snack on. The cat ears are part of my costume this year. As I mentioned in my Fall Favorites Tag post, I only do simple and obvious costumes now, and there’s really nothing more simple than being a cat!


Lights are a big part of my remaining decor. There are a couple of orange pumpkin light strands, fake candles, light-up skulls, pumpkin lamps, and more. They have been around for so long now that at this point I’ve gotten used to seeing them. I’m tempted to keep it all up through Thanksgiving…




My scent of the week has been Goose Creek’s medium jar Auburn Lake. I guess I’ve had pretty good luck with most of my fall scents this year, because Auburn Lake is strong, unique, smells lovely, and all of the other positive things I say about products I like. I really haven’t had a dud candle or wax melt yet this fall – knock on wood. This one strays from heavy autumn spices and has hints bergamot with a very light patchouli note. I would burn this any time of year.


Fall Fun Series: Fall Leaves


One of the first things I’m sure to do as September ends and October begins, is to check the fall color report and stay updated on when the changing leaf colors are nearing their peak in my area. I try to save fall activities for during the weeks when the color report suggests it would be the most beautiful outside. This year, it’s happening over the next two weeks, and I have activities planned in different areas of the state. I am sure that I will see many gorgeous and colorful sights. I’m so glad that I have the time to enjoy autumn this year, as the stress of college tends to distract me from the “little” things in life like these.





I love to see all the wonderful colors of fall inside as well, even if the leaves are fake!





What makes fall leaves even more special during the season is capturing their essence in a scent through various home fragrances. They don’t only look breathtaking, but they smell pretty great too!



I was actually a little surprised when I pulled out all of my leaves-scented candles and wax melts. I figured that I would have a lot more, but it turns out, pumpkin is what dominates my fall home fragrances. This may be because, as I and many, many others believe, the Leaves candle by Bath & Body Works is incredibly hard to beat. However, I am always open to recommendations if anyone has any to share!


Finally, last year I ordered a bracelet and pair of earrings to wear on Thanksgiving that each had golden leaves on them. One of the earrings has since been damaged, but I look forward to wearing the bracelet again this year. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ll take any opportunity to live fall to the fullest while it lasts!


Fall Favorites Tag: Remixed

I am not a warm weather person. It is uncomfortably humid where I live, so my summers are sticky and suffocating. On the flip-side, my winters are frozen and eternal. The spring and fall months are my reprieves, so I get very excited once they arrive.

To help immerse myself into the first official week of fall, I thought it would be fun to try out the Fall Favorites tag that became popular among beauty gurus on YouTube last fall. Since I am a scent junkie, and not a beauty guru, I decided to tweak the questions a little to suit my interests!

Favorite Candle
Bath & Body Works – Leaves

This is just my perfect autumn fragrance. It’s the first scent that I think of in relation to the fall season, and it’s the only one I cannot go without once the season begins.


Favorite Wax Melt
Goose Creek – Campfire Marshmallow

This scent is very, very similar to a popular pick for the candle question, which is Bath & Body Works – Marshmallow Fireside. However, I prefer Goose Creeks’ version by far. It is stronger, and in my opinion, the scent throw is much better. Highly recommended!


Favorite Body Care
Bath & Body Works – Plum Cider Warmth

These products are from the 2015 fall traditions line. I regret not buying a matching shower gel, or the full-sized bottle of fragrance mist. They seemed to sell out fast.


Favorite Perfume
Victoria’s Secret – Forever Sexy

I have a whole mob of perfumes for cooler weather, but this rollerball has been my favorite transitional warmer-to-cooler weather choice for the past 2 fall seasons.


Favorite Lip Color
NYX – Devil’s Food Cake

I prefer lip glosses to lipsticks, and the Nyx Butter Glosses are pigmented enough to put deep fall shades on my lips, while providing the glossy finish that I like.


Favorite Eyeshadow Palette
Too Faced – Chocolate Bon Bons

I didn’t think of this as a fall-related palette until this past month, and now I can’t stay away from it. The deep browns, the mauve/taupe and gray shades… it’s just so perfect for the season.


Favorite Clothing Item


A scarf paired with a sweater is likely how one would see me dressed between October and March, whether I’m inside or outside.


Favorite Drink
Pumpkin Spice Latte

I like both homemade and Starbucks PSLs. If it’s one of those times when I’m trying to lay off of the caffeine, then my go-to fall drink is a decaf vanilla chai tea latte… but I’ll still be craving a PSL.


Favorite Dessert
Tie-dye Cupcakes


I love making these spooky, colorful treats for Halloween gatherings. They are especially great because it’s a surprise whenever someone bites into them!


Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Pumpkin Pie

The truth is, I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner. All of it. I like to cook each dish, I like to eat each dish, I like the days of leftovers that follow. I couldn’t pick just one, so I decided to go for the dessert – pumpkin pie. The reason why is that I can have Thanksgiving dishes year-round, but I pretty much only have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It’s a little more special.


Favorite Fall Movie
Rob Zombie Movies

This guy just does creepy really well, but what I appreciate the most are the bits of humor that sneak by in his films. The Halloween remake was festive and entertaining.


Favorite Fall TV Show
American Horror Story

I watch AHS every fall, as well as The Walking Dead, but I’m not a superfan of either show. I’m a Game of Thrones girl. However, I have enjoyed watching each season of American Horror Story so far. Season 2: Asylum was my favorite, and one I may have to re-watch.


Favorite Halloween Costume

Simple, easy, and obvious is the way I go for Halloween – or I should say, this is the stage that I’ve graduated to now. I killed it on costumes as a kid. I did cool face paint looks as a teen. I did “sexy” costumes as a young adult. Since age 24, I may have drinks with friends or take my nieces out trick or treating for Halloween, but I’ll typically stay home, eat candy, and watch horror movies with my boyfriend. (Picture: We dressed as Handsome Devils.)


I tag everyone to do the Fall Favorites tag, whether it is my remixed version, or the original by Jaclyn Hill!

Bath & Body Works: Toasted Graham Latte


Toasted Graham Latte is a 14.5 ounce, 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works that retails for $22.50, but can often be purchased during a sale and with a coupon. I paid around $10 for mine and bought it during a $12.50 3-wick candle sale, using a 20% off coupon code that is typically always available.

I was drawn to this candle by its name alone. It sounded like a perfect transitional scent, from summer home fragrances into fall scents. I’m a sucker for any marshmallow related scent, and this candle just made me think of s’mores. I had to have it, but I admit I was put off by its smell the first time I sniffed it at Bath & Body Works in July. As many have noticed, it can have an off-putting odor at first, but that smell is not present at all while the wax is melting. It’s a delicious scented candle – not sickeningly sweet, but definitely a good one for foodie fans out there.

About 10 minutes after lighting this candle, I was suddenly hit in the face (okay… lightly tapped) with the smell of a freshly fire-roasted s’more. Actually, it really reminded me of when a s’mores-flavored Poptart just finishes heating up in a toaster. The graham cracker note is very dominant, followed by the vanilla. What I don’t seem to be getting is any espresso or latte note, or the toffee that was mentioned on the website when I ordered this candle and read its description.

I think I will refer to Toasted Graham Latte as my “s’mores candle.” It is nothing like Marshmallow Fireside, but it’s possible that burning the two candles together could evoke memories of sitting around a campfire while toasting marshmallows for s’mores. I think I will try out this combination after the holidays, when I am missing the warmer weather and am unable to spend time outdoors.

This isn’t an incredibly strong candle, but it does fill the small room I burn my candles in most of the time, and leaks out a bit into the hallway. It was perfect for waking up Sunday morning and burning it while drinking my coffee, as it was a pleasant background scent that didn’t kick me out of the room with its strength, but didn’t bother me by not being noticeable either. It actually helped motivate me to make something tasty for breakfast, so that’s a bonus. I would repurchase Toasted Graham Latte if it came out again, and I would burn it any time of year, not just during the fall months.